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Trench Airsoft

Trench Airsoft

Trench Airsoft

At the TAIWAN MOA EXHIBITION 2022 there were exhibitors of both more modern and strictly historical replicas.

The latter include Trench Airsoft, i.e. creators of unique conversion kits for historical replicas. Most of their offer is based on making replicas of rifles from the period of World War I and II, thanks to which we can find Kar98 replicas with steel parts, the classic Mosin Nagant or the Finnish M1891/42.

In addition, further projects are being developed in the form of a replica of the French MAS 36 or the Italian Carcano rifle.

The most famous project by the company, however, seems to be a gas-powered replica of the famous SUOMI KP 31 submachine gun.

The replica is to be based on the MWS standard by Tokyo Marui, but it will be fired from an open bolt. It will be made from steel and wood. In terms of power supply, the construction plans also feature classic drum magazines and four-stack box magazines.

Photo: Trench Airsoft

The price of the replica will be around 500 US dollars. No release date has been announced.



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