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A new line of Poseidon pistol replicas

A new line of Poseidon pistol replicas

A new line of Poseidon pistol replicas

A series of new products during the TAIWAN MOA EXHIBITION 2022 fair was resented by the Poseidon brand with the new XG8 series pistols.

Among the range of models, paints and configurations, it is hard to notice the first changes compared to previous Orion models. The fact of using a split slide and having a fixed barrel is quite cleverly hidden in the new replicas.

In addition, most models have the option of mounting optics (be it thanks to the slide with appropriate cutouts or the possibility of attaching a RIS rail on top of the replica).

Instead of the standard rear sight, we also find unusually placed iron sights. Other futuristic-looking elements are the slide with unusual indentations and the grip. A fairly wide range of color versions was presented, as well as a raw version without painting.

In addition to pistol replicas, the effects of Poseidon's cooperation with CSI were also shown, which resulted in a new gearbox and E.T.C.S. Medusa.




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