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Tokyo Marui MP5SD6 NGRS coming soon

Tokyo Marui MP5SD6 NGRS coming soon

Tokyo Marui MP5SD6 NGRS coming soon

Just before Christmas, the premiere of the MP5SD6 replica by Tokyo Marui took place in Japan. The new version of the submachine gun replica was made in the already known NGRS standard and is to have a recoil simulation system, the M-SYSTEM control systems combining the engine control system, fire selector and 7 independent sensors for the best operation of the entire replica. Inside we will also find a trigger based on microswitches instead of traditional contact switches. In the replica, apart from the standard single and automatic fire modes, we will find an additional setting with the 3-round burst mode. As the replica is a silenced version, damping materials were used in it to receiver.

The pistol grip, selectors, buttplate and charging handle are made of reinforced polymer, thanks to which you will not have to worry about the durability of these parts when performing the famous HK SLAP.

The whole thing is fed from standard metal MP5 NGRS magazines with a capacity of between 30 and 72 BBs.

The replica itself has been available since December 22 in Japan, and is only now hitting stores abroad.



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