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Light Infantry tactical and shooting competition - 9th edition, 2023
Light Infantry tactical and shooting competition - 9th edition, 2023

Light Infantry tactical and shooting competition - 9th edition, 2023

Light Infantry tactical and shooting competition - 9th edition, 2023
Light Infantry tactical and shooting competition - 9th edition, 2023

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Light Infantry - tactical and shooting competition

"We invite you for the next edition of a great shooting and tactical competition, done in pairs!

Take part in a unique competition on a European scale, where you and your partner will march, shoot and perform tactical tasks. Check whether the skills you have gained during numerous training sessions are also valuable under significant fatigue. Preparation and planning will be key!

You can choose from three categories:

  • – Light Infantry - considerable effort, 30 shooting ranges, about 30-50 km of marching, kayaking, a lot of tactical tasks, 36 hours in total
  • – Lighter Infantry - medium effort, 24 shooting ranges, about 15-35 km of marching, a lot of tactical tasks, 15 hours in total
  • – Extra Light Infantry - least effort, 12 shooting ranges, about 10-15 km of marching, several tactical tasks, 8 hours in total

In each category you will compete on the following leaderboards:

  • - shooting - the competitors will shoot at a variety of shooting ranges such as shooting from vehicles, after exercise, after climbing, indoors, from water, in a tunnel, at night, at distances of up to 500 m and many more.

  • - navigation - the key to success in this part will be to plan a route in such a way as to find and claim as many navigation points as possible in the intervals between shooting and tactical tasks, the competitors will often be forced to make choices between going to one more navigation point and come to the shooting range tired, or leave it and have a little spare time before shooting to load the magazines, prepare the equipment and perform the shooting tasks as best as possible.

  • - tactical tasks - during this edition, tactical tasks were introduced for the first time, such as tactical medicine, where it will be necessary to help a wounded soldier, reconnaissance, where the competitors will have to distinguish between different armored vehicles or find and mark firing positions, correcting artillery where you will have to give coordinates for artillery and fire correction, as well as kayaking for the Light Infantry category, which have already appeared in previous editions.

In general, these is not an easy competition, but it's not about being easy. In the end, you will always feel that more tasks could have been completed, because there are so many that it is impossible to do everything. You have to plan and calculate what you are better at and try to perform the most valuable tasks that you are able to do under extreme exhaustion.

Competition prices (per pair):
Light Infantry - 1800 PLN
Lighter Infantry - 1400 PLN
Extra Light Infantry - 1000 PLN

Rules and Regulations: DOWNLOAD PDF
Entered teams: VIEW PREVIEW

The competitors will receive instructions on how to pay for the competition only after all entry slots are filled."





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