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Rock Island Armory - RIA 5.0
Rock Island Armory - RIA 5.0

Rock Island Armory - RIA 5.0

Rock Island Armory - RIA 5.0
Rock Island Armory - RIA 5.0

The American brand Rock Island Armory, owned by Armscor, is known, among other things, for its series of 1911 type pistols. They are considered, also in Poland, to be a reasonable solution in terms of value for money.

Interest in the community has risen because of another pistol from this manufacturer, which was presented this week: the 5.0 model.

The RIA 5.0 is a 9x19 mm pistol manufactured in the United States for sports and personal protection. The manufacturer has used various solutions to reduce the noticeable recoil of the weapon: the patented RVS system (loads the barrel and supports the linear movement of the mechanism) and a deeper bore axis.

In order to improve the comfort of shooting, a trigger was used to guarantee smooth operation, also during quick shooting, and a two-part, modular grip.

The new pistol has a 4.91" barrel and weighs 1120 g. The trigger pull is about 2 kg. It is sold in two versions: equipped with iron sights (Dawson Precision fiber optic front sight, adjustable LPA rear sight) or with the mounted C-More RTS2 red dot sight.

The basic version of the RIA 5.0 ST pistol was priced at less than 1000 USD.

Photos: Armscor / Rock Island Armory



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