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Magpul - announcements for 2023

Magpul - announcements for 2023

Magpul - announcements for 2023

The Magpul company regularly expands its offer. In 2023, a large number of new releases should be expected, and today we present more information some of the new products.

The DAKA Hard Case

Recently, we have discussed the new DAKA GRID organizer system, which appeared in Magpul's offer. This manufacturer has also announced the introduction of its own transport cases. They will be made of durable plastic, and their individual elements will be designed in such a way as to ensure maximum ergonomics of their use. Their design is also to make it easy to slide the suitcase over various surfaces with minimal friction.

Naturally, the DAKA Hard Cases are to be factory-equipped with the DAKA GRID organizer.

The corners of Magpul's cases are to have double walls, acting as a bumper and additional spaces for small items. The transport wheels used will be covered with a rubber layer. The recessed latch slot allows to secure it with a padlock in such a way that it does not protrude outside - thus minimizing the chances of accidental damage to both the case itself and the objects surrounding it. Appropriate grooves and the shape of the outer part of the housing are to allow easy stacking of DAKA Hard Cases together. The use of seals, in turn, will affect the protection of the contents against water and adverse weather conditions.

The new cases will be available in three sizes. The smallest model, the C35, is designed for small carbines and additional equipment. Its internal dimensions are 5.5" high, 16.6" wide and 35.3" long. The price of this model is 309 USD. The intermediate case, the R44, will be adapted to carry one or more medium-sized rifles with accessories. Its height and internal width are the same as the C35 model, while its length is 44.5". The price of this case is 339 USD. The LR53 case will be the largest in the DAKA Hard Case product range. It should be chosen by people interested in transporting one or more long rifles and shotguns, along with additional equipment. Similarly, this model differs in the internal length, which reaches 53.8". The price of the longest of the cases is 369 USD.

The ESK for the ARs

Another new product from Magpul is the ESK (Enhanced Selector Kit) selector for AR system weapons. Its design is to be modular, ambidextrous and contribute to improving the ergonomics of using the weapon.

Depending on the user's preferences, the selector can operate in both the 90 and 60 degree rotation mode. The set will include three interchangeable levers: full, short and hybrid, along with compatible pins (black or red) to lock them in the mechanism. This lock also serves as an indicator of the switch position. Thanks to this design, the lever itself can be replaced without the use of tools.

The Magpul ESK will be designed for the SR25, AR10, M110, M4, M16 and AR15 platforms with a lower receiver in the mil-spec system. It will not be compatible with weapons equipped with a fire mode switch. The price of the selector kit (in black or FDE) is 49.95 USD.


Magpul plans to launch a cable organizer compatible with the M-LOK mounting system. The WCK (Wire Control Kit), is an accessory that can be reconfigured multiple times, which will allow to maintain a streamlined shape of a handguard on which flashlights or laser sights using standard cross-section cables are mounted.

The organizer set will consist of six elements with M-LOK mounts, each of which will be able to lead a cable straight, but also at an angle of 90 or even 180 degrees, depending on the user's requirements. A single element is to be half the size of a single M-LOK slot.

The organizer will be compatible with any metal M-LOK handguard. However, the manufacturer does not guarantee correct operation with some models made of plastic. The price of the WCK - M-LOK set is 19.95 USD. It will be available in Black and Flat Dark Earth.

The Barricade Stop - M-LOK

Another new accessory in Magpul's offer, intended for the M-LOK system, is the Magpul Barricade Stop. This addition is also to act as a hand stop grip (limiting the movement of a hand on a handguard). The new product will be made of plastic, and in its front part there will be a rust-resistant, steel, replaceable, aggressively textured plate.

It will allow the shooter to comfortably support the weapon against various types of obstacles, without raising the posture, and thus create a stable platform for more accurate shots. Due to the aggressive texture of the plate, it will be possible to rotate the supported weapon to a certain extent with a reduced risk of it slipping. In an event of loss of the properties of the steel element due to wear, it should be possible to easily replace it.

The Magpul Barricade Stop in the MLOK system was priced at 24.95 USD. It will be sold in two colors: black and Flat Dark Earth.

The Hunter Lite Stock - Savage AXIS

Soon a new stock will appear in the Magpul's offer, the Hunter Lite Stock, designed for Savage AXIS rifles in a caliber belonging to the short-action family.

The new stock is intended for people who value mobility, thanks to the 20% lower weight and 25% narrower front part than in the previous Hunter product line. By replacing the inner insert, the Hunter Lite Stock can be adapted for use in both right and left-handed rifles.

Inside the stock there will be an aluminum V-type bedding block. Steel sleeves will also be used for mounting the system to prevent compression and deformation due to shooting. The length of the stock will be adjusted with half-inch thick shims, allowing to conveniently adjust the LOP (length of pull - the distance from the stock's butt to the trigger). An additional cheek pad is also to be available.

At the bottom of the stock there are M-LOK mounting slots, it will also be possible to mount various types of slings and bipods. Improvements will be made to facilitate the correct insertion of the AICS type magazine and an enlarged trigger guard to facilitate shooting with protective gloves.

The stock will be compatible with barrels up to and including the Medium Palm profile. Various color versions are planned: Black, Flat Dark Earth, Stealth Gray and Olive Drab Green. The Hunter Lite Stock price is 219.95 USD.

The MS1 Lite Sling

The last of the announced new products is the MS1 Lite Sling. It is a more compact and versatile version of Magpul's popular MS1 Sling.

The new version will be made of one inch wide, abrasion-resistant webbing and reduced buckles, which will significantly reduce the volume and susceptibility of the product to snagging.

The MS1 Lite Sling will allow for an efficient change of the arm while aiming, quick adjustment of the belt for comfortable carrying of the weapon, and it will not be an obstacle when taking different shooting positions. It will work equally well with lighter and smaller weapons, also in difficult terrain conditions.

The new Magpul product will be compatible with a series of adapters (such as Paraclip, QDM or QD Sling Swivel), which will allow to further customize it to one's needs. It will be available in four colors: Black, Stealth Gray, Coyote Brown and Ranger Green. It was priced at 39.95 USD.

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