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Fenix PD35R tactical flashlight

Fenix PD35R tactical flashlight

Fenix PD35R tactical flashlight

Fenix is releasing a new version of one of its tactical flashlights. The PD35R is the direct successor to the PD35 v3.0 model.

The new version of the flashlight offers several improvements over the previous model: an 18650 type power cell with increased capacity (3400 mAh) in the sent and a USB-C charging socket integrated in the housing (the earlier version had a battery with a Micro-USB port). Despite the use of the port in the PD35R housing, the new Fenix product maintains a high standard of water and dust resistance: IP68.

Some options of the new flashlight driver have been corrected or changed. However, it still uses the Luminus SFT40 emitter, which in the PD35R generates a maximum luminous flux of 1700 lumens. The luminous intensity of the light source reaches 31,200 candelas. Many features of the original product have been retained, including instant access to the strobe mode using a separate button.

The Fenix PD35R will be on display at the upcoming Shot Show.

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