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EShooter with SENTRY 1 Pro

EShooter with SENTRY 1 Pro

EShooter with SENTRY 1 Pro

Among shooters, dry firing training are quite a popular topic, for which airsoft replicas are also used. However, even our replicas with a stray BB in the chamber can be deadly (especially for home appliances with displays). EShooter came up with a solution called the Eshooter SENTRY 1 Pro Wireless Target System.

The new product can be described as a training system designed for replicas. The principle of operation is based on a laser beam emitter in the form of an attached sound-activated module and active targets. The laser module itself is made in a form similar to a pistol flashlight, thanks to which it fits easily on most short and long replicas.

With a length of 75 mm and a weight of 68.5 g, it should not be noticeable.

It also has beam adjustment to allow to zero it. The target module, on the other hand, has a built-in lifting mechanism, thanks to which the target is not static, but can rise up and fall down when hit.

Two modes are also programmed into it: the training mode in which one can practice one's reflexes, working with a replica, handling and aiming, and the battle mode in which teamwork is present and competition in various categories. The whole thing works with a wireless application in which times and accuracy of shots are recorded (the target has different hit zones).

Eshooter SENTRY 1 Pro kits with one target and laser module are now available at the manufacturer's store. Two color versions can be bought: black or sand. Depending on the version one chooses (with or without a LiPo battery), they cost 89 or 99 USD. Individual components cost 54 USD or 57 USD depending on the choice of version with or without a battery. The manufacturer also offers free worldwide shipping.

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