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InfiRay Rico RH50 Pro - Double FOV

InfiRay Rico RH50 Pro - Double FOV

InfiRay Rico RH50 Pro - Double FOV

The InfiRay series of Zoom cameras, which introduced handheld thermal imagers to the civilian market that allow two-stage optical zoom, has been available for a long time. However, the use of this technology in devices in the form of a scope was still missing. That has just changed. After more than a year of work, InfiRay Outdoor announced and presented a new product in its offer during the ongoing Shot Show 2023: the Rico RH50 Pro (Rico Pro 640) - a thermal imaging sight with a zoom lens.

As all other Zoom products, there are two zoom levels: 1.5x (25mm) and 3x (50mm). A quick change of the lens setting allows to widen the field of view of the device, or improve image detail at a longer distance, while maintaining the native resolution of the sensor.

The Rico RH50 Pro, like the previous RH50 variant, is equipped with a sensor with a resolution of 640x512 pixels and a size of 12 um. The refresh rate is 50 Hz and the thermal sensitivity (NETD) is <50 mK.

All the functionalities and solutions of the basic model have also been preserved, such as the use of a replaceable IBP-1 battery ensuring 6 hours of continuous operation of the device, a video recorder with an internal memory of 32 GB, a maximum of 8x digital zoom, AMOLED display, quick reticle adjustment and more.

The sight is compatible with the dedicated ILR-1000 laser rangefinder, allows easy loading and downloading of data using the built-in USB-C interface, and comes complete with a STD-1913 QD Picatinny rail mount.

Cooperation with weapons up to 300 Win./7mm Mag, IP67 dust and water resistance and a 5-year manufacturer's warranty are also features worth mentioning.

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