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ThOR 5 - the next generation of ATN thermal imagers

ThOR 5 - the next generation of ATN thermal imagers

ThOR 5 - the next generation of ATN thermal imagers

ATN is known in the community for the production of affordable models of thermal imagers offering extensive software and many interesting features. The previous generation of ThOR sights (known as Mars in Europe) has been present on the market for several years. The version marked with the number "5" brings a breath of fresh air to the series, and the flagship product, the ATN ThOR 5 XD model, introduces a 1280x1024 pixel sensor, the first one with a refresh rate of 60 Hz used in a scope.

Both the software and the hardware of the ThOR 5 has undergone significant changes. The quad-core processor is responsible for the correct operation of the device. The image is created based on improved sensors and optics and displayed on a high-resolution OLED screen with better color reproduction. The post-processing algorithms responsible for the quality of the displayed image were also supposed to be improved.

Among the range of new products, in addition to the flagship XD variant, there are also versions equipped with 640x480 and 320x240 pixel sensors, all in 12 um technology and with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. As in previous generations of ATN sights, the variations also include different base magnifications and digital zoom ranges. Each of the thermal imagers can be ordered in a standard version or with an integrated laser rangefinder (LRF) with a range of over 900 meters. The latest models are covered by a three-year warranty, are resistant to adverse weather conditions, and their working time on the integrated battery reaches 10 hours. The most expensive versions (with an magnification of 4-40x) are to provide a detection range exceeding 3600 meters and the ability to identify the target from a distance of over 650 meters.

ThOR 5 sight software gives the user the ability to prepare unconventional, personalized reticles. All the features known from the previous series of these thermal imagers have also been retained, such as recoil-activated HD video recording, streaming, iOS and Android compatibility, electronic compass, ATN Radar support, multi-stage digital zoom, and an easy calibration reticle.

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