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Other new products from ATN

Other new products from ATN

Other new products from ATN

In addition to the refreshed ThOR series with the flagship ThOR 5 XD model, at this year's SHOT Show ATN has also announced several other new products in the field of thermal imaging and sights solutions.

One of them is the new version of the Odin LT 640 thermal imaging monocular, equipped with a sensor of 640x480 pixels in the size of 12 um, with an image refresh rate of 60 Hz. Odin thermal imagers are a series of devices adapted for use on a helmet and other head mounts. The new model is available in several variants that differ in base magnification (including 1x) and digital zoom range.

Another new product in the manufacturer's offer is the X-Sight 5 digital riflescope, adapted for use during the day and at night, which now uses a quad-core processor. Compared to the older variant, one of the new features of the sight is the ability to record videos in slowmotion mode up to 240 frames per second. The X-Sight 5 is equipped with an improved CMOS sensor with increased resolution: 4056x3040 pixels. Like the new ThOR series, the X-Sight 5 comes with an optional integrated laser rangefinder.

ATN has also announced a new version of the lighter, budget thermal imaging sight from the ThOR LT series. The model marked as LTV gained the ability to record videos on a Micro-SD card. Just like the Odin series, a product with a 640x480 sensor in 12 um technology has also joined the ThOR LTV family.

Technical specification and possible changes to other ATN products offered in 2023 are available in the new manufacturer's catalogue.

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