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ERGO O-Grip - a new grip

ERGO O-Grip - a new grip

ERGO O-Grip - a new grip

At the end of last year, ERGO, an American manufacturer specializing in various types of parts and accessories for firearms, has introduced a new pistol grip to the market.

The O-Grip is compatible with AR-15 and AR-10 weapons, as well as others that use grips designed for ARs. It is designed for shooters interested in precision shooting, such as benchrest.

Made of nylon-12, this product, like the previous one, the ERGO TDX-O, belongs to the zero angle family, which differs from traditional grips in its angle of inclination. This specific shape finds its followers.

The O-Grip is a round, slim grip, on which there are additionally three channels for mounting optional inserts that improve the grip and affect the comfort of holding a weapon. In the set, the manufacturer adds a set of such bands with a medium profile.

Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty for 62.99 USD.

Photos: ERGO is participating in the annual Airsoft Players' Choice Awards. The open voting will end soon, will you support us with your vote? Attractive prizes will be drawn among all voters.



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