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5.11 Tactical - Company of Heroes 3
5.11 Tactical - Company of Heroes 3

5.11 Tactical - Company of Heroes 3

5.11 Tactical - Company of Heroes 3
5.11 Tactical - Company of Heroes 3

5.11 Tactical has partnered with Canadian studio Relic Entertainment and Japanese publisher SEGA, responsible for Company of Heroes 3 - the third part of the well-known, real-time strategy game (RTS) game, which deals with the subject of World War II.

Cooperation with computer game developers is nothing new in the case of this valued manufacturer of high-quality clothing, footwear and other tactical and outdoor equipment. We've mentioned 5.11 Tactical's involvement many times in the past, usually in a popular series set in modern times published by Ubisoft. As part of common interests, in games such as The Division, Ghost Recon or Far Cry, player-controlled heroes and NPCs can use licensed 5.11 Tactical clothing and equipment. Since the plot of CoH3 is set in the times of World War II, it is difficult to say at the moment whether the cooperation on this product can involve anything more beyond an ongoing lottery celebrating the game's release.

For people residing in the United States, 5.11 Tactical has prepared an open lottery in which one can win digital copies of the game and equipment of the manufacturer worth over 2,500 USD.

“We’re thrilled to team up with Sega and Relic Entertainment to celebrate the launch of such a great video game,” said 5.11 Tactical’s CMO, Debra Radcliff.

Andy Bergin, Brand Manager at SEGA also expressed his opinion:“Company of Heroes 3 is the perfect blend of action, tactics and strategy. That’s why we are very excited to partner with 5.11 Tactical, a fantastic producer of sleek and incredibly robust tactical gear and apparel."

The premiere of Company of Heroes 3 on PC is scheduled for February 23, 2023. A little later, the game will also appear on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S consoles.



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