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New LCT Airsoft products straight from IWA 2023
New LCT Airsoft products straight from IWA 2023

New LCT Airsoft products straight from IWA 2023

New LCT Airsoft products straight from IWA 2023
New LCT Airsoft products straight from IWA 2023

During the IWA fair, we visited the LCT Airsoft stand, where all new products were presented. Among the classic replicas, we had the opportunity to take a look at the LCKM Stainless Steel (LCT AIRSOFT has presented a video about the production of the LCKM Stainless Steel) i.e. a replica of the AKM rifle made of stainless steel in a limited series of 500 units or the new MRK series.

The MRK74 and the MRK105 models are new replicas in the LCT Airsoft offer. In addition to standard parts and steel construction, they are distinguished by the fact that they have a fixed stock, but instead of the previous models, a polymer version was used here.

Having 6 positions, an adjustable stock pad and a QD socket, it is the younger brother of the folding stock known from the LCK-19. They will also be available as standalone accessories. The announced version of the SVD-S with a folding frame stock and a shorter barrel has also appeared among the replicas.

The ZK-12 and the ZK12U replicas had handguards that were an alternative to the solutions known from the LCK-12 replica.

While getting acquainted with them, we could look at dedicated sections of rails for attaching accessories and a mounting system with two types of screws.

We also took a close look at the accessories intended for AS-VAL replicas, i.e. a range of stock adapters or the possibility of new silencer rails.

A new version of the LC3 series replicas in the form of the LC-3K model. The unremarkable replica is a combination of a classic upper receiver from the LC3-A3 model with a sliding stock and a 515 mm long barrel with a grip borrowed from the LK33.


However, the design of the grip has been changed here, creating it without thickening or finger profiling and adapting it to be mounted in the new replica due to the different assembly and the fact that it is clearly shorter .

In addition, the stock exchange tool and its operation were presented in practice.



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