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G&G Armament at IWA 2023 - AEG replicas
G&G Armament at IWA 2023 - AEG replicas

G&G Armament at IWA 2023 - AEG replicas

G&G Armament at IWA 2023 - AEG replicas
G&G Armament at IWA 2023 - AEG replicas

We continue with news from G&G Armament booth at the IWA 2023 fair held in Nuremberg (Germany). The next article is a summary of the new products in the category of AEG replicas. Among the products you already know, we can mention the SGR 556 replica (G&G Armament - SGR556), which uses the new G3 gearbox.

Looking deeper into the replica, we learned more details about it. Inside is a new control system with the possibility of quick replacement, standard gears and the presence of a quick spring replacement system were used.

From the less standard parts, there is an optical sensor that detects the feeding of BBs into the chamber, which is connected to the system via pins in the upper part of the frame. In turn, in front of this element you can see a changed tappet plate.

The new hop-up chamber is locked in the upper half of the frame by being screwed in and using spring locks. It work together with an element located on the inner barrel which, when moved, changes the hop-up pressure. After assembly, the entire adjustment of the hop-up system is done through the gas block.

The new control system has several options available to change via the remote control. As you can see, there are settings such as turning on the function of shooting without BBs, changing the firing mode, adjusting the length of the burst, changing the trigger sensitivity level or turning pre-cocking on and off.

In addition, the realism of operation has been increased by adding a working bolt catch that works with the control system. The whole is placed in an aluminum receiver with a grip resembling the one from the HK416, a 6-position stock, a double-sided selector switch and a magazine release, and a bolt catch on the left side.

An almost identical design was used in the TR80 DMR model, but this replica uses the G3 version H gearbox (which is the equivalent of the long V2 gearbox) . All functions are identical to the SGR 556, but inside, instead of the usual piston with 16 teeth, we will find a piston with 19 teeth, which we know from SR-25 replicas. Also, the replica will have a folding stock guide on which the new GOS-V12 model stock is mounted. It is made of polymer, has a framework design and height adjustment of the cheek pad, the stock butt plate and the monopod. Due to the foldable design, inside we will find a "wireless" power system based on a conductive hinge. The replica will also be made of aluminum, it will have an inner barrel 475 mm long, weight less than 3.3 kg and the ability to use a remote control for configuration.

Apart from the new replicas with the new G3 gearbox, compact replicas in the form of FAR models turned out to be another surprise. This abbreviation stands for the Fold Assault Rifle and these are polymer replicas with a system similar to the real firearm in the form of FoldAR line. The FAR series will be powered fed from ARP9 or AR556 magazines, have a non-adjustable framework stock with QD sockets and a wireless power supply system and M-LOK handguards (which port are key to locking the replica in the folded position).

The folding system itself is based on an additional hinge between the receiver and the handguard with a lever system that locks everything in place. Inside, mechanical retraction of the inner barrel was made, where when folded the chamber moves towards the muzzle and returns automatically after folding. The very process of folding the replica is as follows:

The whole thing can be summed up as a new generation of folding airsoft replicas that will easily fit in a backpack with all accessories.

One of the presented replicas is the proven design of the MP5 replica, this time in a new edition. The steel receiver has been supplemented with an M-LOK handguard with the option of relocating the charging handle to the other side, a wirelessly powered stock, a newly designed grip with 4 positions (Safe, Semi, Series, Auto), a new magwell for faster reloading and the magazine release button that is moved closer to the the trigger.

It will still be possible to use standard MP5 magazines (except drums), but there is no regular magazine release lever.

The last replica presented is a development version of the MCX replica, this time with AR556 magazines. The Combat Machine series replica will be made of polymer, combining the already known features of the MPX model with higher-capacity magazines and increased battery space.



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