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Hikmicro Thunder 2.0
Hikmicro Thunder 2.0

Hikmicro Thunder 2.0

Hikmicro Thunder 2.0
Hikmicro Thunder 2.0

Hikmicro, a company specializing in the development and production of thermal imaging devices for various applications, revealed last month its plans to refresh the line of Thunder sights. During the IWA OutdoorClassics 2023 fair, one could get acquainted with the new version of the clip-on cap from this series of products.

Thermal imagers marked as Thunder 2.0 will feature several changes compared to the originals. One of them is the use of a sensor with higher thermal sensitivity: <20 mK, which should translate into improved image quality and detail in conditions of low thermal contrast, compared to the earlier version of the sensor with the NETD parameter of <35 mK.

Interestingly, at the moment it seems that this change will only apply to models from the TH and TQ series - with a matrix with a resolution of 384x288 and 640x512 pixels respectively. The sensitivity of sensors in budget TE products (256x192 pixels) is to remain at <35 mK.

The second change is how the sharpness of the image is adjusted. Instead of the standard ring on the device's lens, a special tower is to serve this purpose.

The new versions of the thermal imagers are made of magnesium alloy, the user interface and the device's power supply have also been rebuilt. Dedicated, replaceable Li-Ion batteries were used here, which should extend the maximum working time to at least 6.5 h (for the TH and TQ series) and 10 h (TE series).

Products from the refreshed Thunder 2.0 line should appear in distributors in the middle of this year.

Sources: Wildagent, All4shooters



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