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Cybergun at IWA 2023
Cybergun at IWA 2023

Cybergun at IWA 2023

Cybergun at IWA 2023
Cybergun at IWA 2023

At IWA 2023, Cybergun has presented many current and new licensed products at its booth. One of them is the license for Century Arms products, where from now on we will see their markings on SVD replicas by Cyma, AKM by E&L or the more historical Kar98K replica by S&T.

In the case of the Kar98K carbine replica, almost perfect historical markings and the possibility of mounting sights were also made.

Fans of historical reenactments and ASH may be interested in other replicas in the form of the MP40 by SRC, the M1A1 Thompson in the AEG version by King Arms, the Colt 1911 KWC, Colt Junior, TT-33, Makarov and C96 pistols with a classic buttstock-holster from WE.

From more modern designs, a new generation of TP9 pistol replicas with the Inokatsu system was shown. With licensing from Capnic and Salient Arms International and made by WE, the replica is to offer gas supply from dedicated CO2 and Green Gas magazines and compatibility with parts from the real firearm.

The slide itself is to be made of aluminum with the use of CNC, have an optics mount and bear licensed markings. Future owners of these replicas will be able to feel quite extravagant, because the price of the replica may be similar to or even higher than the real firearm.

Interesting products also appeared among the replicas of FN Herstal designs. Among the unannounced new ones, there is a replica of the FN509 Compact MDR pistol (unfortunately, in the spring loaded version), the FAL carbine by Vega Force Company, the family of SCAR carbines with TPR versions in the DMR version (also by Vega Force Company), the SC version (also called Baby Scar) with a recoil system from the BOLT company, or the SC .300 BLK version created at the special request of the Belgian special forces with a classic adjustable stock and an integrated KeyMod handguard manufactured by Ares. Krytac has also released a P90 replica with a white reveiver.

Cybergun continues its tradition of having replicas of the French FAMAS carbine, but this time instead of ab AEG version, they presented a gas-powered version (Gas powered FAMAS F1 at the beginning of 2023). The replica is interesting because it was created by the German company Gunpoint.DE, it is licensed by Cybergun, and the production is carried out by the Northeast Airsoft company known for gas-powered Sten and Uzi replicas.

The replica itself is still not in the production version, which can be seen from the partial completion of the magazine and some pared made in 3D printing.

The presented prototype already had all the functionalities in the form of an integrated bipod, a functioning sight for grenades and markings for them placed on the barrel.

The unique sights of the carbine with night sights have also been reproduced (unfortunately without fluorescent inserts), the ability to adjust and change the setting.

The manipulators in the form of a charging handle, safety switch and firing mode selector work flawlessly and in accordance with the original. Also, do not panic due to the lack of an automatic fire setting, as it was removed for the needs of the fair due to German law.

We were not able to test functions such as configuring the replica for left-handed users, but they have been confirmed by Cybergun. For reenactors and fans of this design, full markings and discreet placement of the manufacturer one's were also taken care of. No information has been revealed regarding the release date.



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