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ULTIMA pouches by Neptune Spear
ULTIMA pouches by Neptune Spear

ULTIMA pouches by Neptune Spear

ULTIMA pouches by Neptune Spear
ULTIMA pouches by Neptune Spear

This text was created as part of an commercial cooperation with Neptune Spear. As always, we have made every effort to ensure that the following article provides reliable information. It presents the author's opinion and does not close further discussion, to which we invite you in the comments.

Recently, we have reviewed the Battle Belt 1 by Neptune Spear in the Multicam camouflage. This time we present Universal pouches. Soon we will also present more products made by the company from Częstochowa.

In this text we will take a closer look at Multicam camouflage pouches:

  • Ultima Rifle Pouch with and without external Molle/Pals
  • Ultima Pistol Pouch
  • Ultima SMG Pouch

The Ultima Rifle Pouch

Neptune Spear Ultima Pouch

It is a pouch similar to the TACO made by High Speed Gear with a plastic element that is designed to cover and hold the magazine along its sides. This type of solution has become very popular and can be found among many leading manufacturers of tactical equipment. The condition for its proper functioning is a composite element that must be sufficiently durable and flexible.

Neptune Spear Ultima Pouch

In this case, at current temperatures (between 10 and 21 degrees Celsius) this specific part seems quite soft and susceptible to bending. Thanks to this, it easily adapts to the width of the magazine being carried. The ending is also important, as it usually has a hole for a rubber cord that increases the pressure on the upper edge of the pouch. It must be properly profiled to ensure stress resistance and that is does not interfere with inserting a magazine. According to my observations, everything works fine here and I didn't have the slightest problem with possible blocking of a magazine during use.

Neptune Spear Ultima Pouch

The quality of the shock cord is high and one can feel the strong pressure generated by its stretching from the bottom. The Stopwatch SL188 by ITW NEXUS used here fulfills its function and prevents loosening of the rubber very well. It is worth mentioning the distinguishing feature of the design from Częstochowa, that is a string used to weave the rubber through it. The solution is simple, effective, and at the same time seems to be durable enough. If anyone was afraid that the shock cord grip might be too weak, we have two additional elements protecting against loss of the content carried: anti-slip fabric sewn inside and rubber loops holding the magazine from above. The MOLLE/PALS compatible fastening system is made of laminate. The webbing straps together with the mounting system are made of one piece of fabric and the cuts are made using a laser cutting technique.

Neptune Spear Ultima Pouch

The stiffener used here holds so well that after moving the straps so that there is a hole for a 5 cm wide belt, we do not have to worry about losing the pouch. Another distinguishing feature of the ULTIMA-RM is the use of two-centimeter tapes instead of the standard 1-inch (2.54 cm) tapes. I do not know what was the reason behind this, but the functionality remains the same. Of course, thanks to them, one can attach any pouch from the outside. A small note here, in the case of non-airsoft applications. One has to remember that the external pouch will be quite heavy. This contributes to the inner pouch deforming and causes widening of the space for the magazine. For intensive activities, I would then suggest the use of pullers holding the magazines from above. It is true that I have not noticed that the contents slides outside, but unfortunately this is a disadvantage of all such pouches, regardless of the manufacturer, and one needs to keep this in mind.

Neptune Spear Ultima Pouch

Something that surprised me was an additional cell hidden under the tape, that enables mounting of pistol pouches in the middle of the ULTIMA-RP. A very well-thought-out solution that adds more options for configuring one's equipment.

The Ultima Pistol Pouch

Neptune Spear Ultima Pistol Pouch

As for as the design goes, it is practically identical to the one described above, so there is no need to duplicate the previously written text. Of course, also made of Cordura 500D fabric, which I haven't mentioned yet. The only difference is that there is a sponge glued inside it from the bottom. Interesting solution, although it's hard for me to find a functional application. Maybe it will be useful to protect the first bullet from getting dirty, but one would have to press the magazine hard enough. The ULTIMA-PP is also a centimeter shorter than its rifle counterpart.

The Ultima SMG Pouch

SMG Neptune Spear Ultima Pouch

The solutions are the same here as well. It is 2.5 centimeters longer than its pistol counterpart, however no sponge was used. As in the case of rifle pouches, there is a one piece non-slip fabric from the back, through the bottom and to the front. Installation of each of the described pouches starts from the top edge, which gives us one line in the case of strapping them to a belt. Both the ULTIMA-SMG and the ULTIMA-PP pouches are narrow enough so that when both are attached to the ULTIMA-RM they do not push each other apart on it sides.


The quality of Neptune Spear products has definitely improved, which is noticeable, if only through the aesthetics of workmanship. Attention was paid to details, such as smoothing out sharp edges. I personally really appreciate the possibility of expanding the pouches by adding additional elements such as eyelets for a shock cord. If they do not suit someone, due to the fact that they are made of laminate, one can always simply cut it out, and the construction will not suffer. The pouches are of high quality and their durability remains to be assessed. However, looking at how they are made, this should not be a problem.

Pouches are available in several colors: Multicam, PenCott GreenZone, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, black, Multicam Black , Multicam Tropic, Multicam Arid, Woodland and Wz93.



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