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Medical pouches for tactical tourniquet by Neptune Spear
Medical pouches for tactical tourniquet by Neptune Spear

Medical pouches for tactical tourniquet by Neptune Spear

Medical pouches for tactical tourniquet by Neptune Spear
Medical pouches for tactical tourniquet by Neptune Spear

This text was created as part of an commercial cooperation with Neptune Spear. As always, we have made every effort to ensure that the following article provides reliable information. It presents the author's opinion and does not close further discussion, to which we invite you in the comments.

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An indispensable element that we have to buy to complete our lists of equipment for shooting ranges or for working in uniformed service are tactical tourniquets. Over time, it may turn out that there is not always a convenient way to carry one so that it is always at hand. At this point, more suggestions prepared by Neptune Spear may prove useful.

In this article, we will present three pouches in Multicam camouflage used to carry a tourniquet:

  • the Open Top TQ Pouch
  • the El Loopo M
  • the El Loopo L


The Open Top TQ pouch

Open Top TQ Pouch Neptune Spear

The pass through pouch is made of an elastic elastic band in the Multicam camouflage. The mounting side is made of laser-cut laminate. The strap, as well as the part with holes for interlacing it, is made of a single piece of fabric. It is compatible with MOLLE/PALS and, additionally, thanks to the hard stiffening of the wedge, it rests very well on belts up to 50 mm wide. The set includes two Velcro One Wraps in Coyote Brown. They are used to attach equipment between the grids, enabling the Open Top TQ Pouch to be put on in a horizontal position. The quality of the elastic band is very high, which guarantees durability. It is strong and holds on well, and at the same time it is flexible enough that it does not cause difficulties when removing the tourniquet.

The El Loopo M

El Loopo M Neptune Spear

It is made mainly of the same elastic band as the Open Top TQ pouch described above. Instead of MOLLE/PALS mounting system there is a Velcro 38 mm wide used. It has Multicam camouflage on the loop side and Coyote Brown on the hook side. Thanks to this, El Loopo can be attached to the front flap of a plate carrier or under a riggers belt with a Velcro. The flexible part for the tourniquet is 6 cm wide, which is enough to fit the most popular models available on the market. Above that, there is an additional 2 cm loop, which is ideal for carrying a marker, required to write the application time of the tourniquet in case it is needed.

The EL Loopo L

El Loopo M Neptune Spear

In principle, it is practically identical in construction to the M model, but it has a double-sided velcro with a length of 13 cm. It differs only in the length of the elastic flat band, which has gained an additional 2-centimeter grid. It can be used to store a chemical light, which in turn is used to mark the wounded in nighttime conditions.


Neptune Spear stasis pocket

The quality of the aforementioned pouches is very high. The design is not complicated, but it is the quality of the materials used that determines the usability and durability of this type of pouch. What we get here are original durable elastic bands in the Multicam camouflage, Velcro and laminate. Having such pouches definitely makes it easier to take medical action quickly. When every second counts these pouches can save you a bit of time. The designs, although simple, are well conceived: they simply work. Personally, I think that anyone that has to deal with a real battlefield or frequent visits to a shooting range should get a decent, original tactical tourniquet. However, thanks to solutions such as those presented by Neptune Spear, carrying them will be very comfortable.



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