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Fenix HM71R flashlight
Fenix HM71R flashlight

Fenix HM71R flashlight

Fenix HM71R flashlight
Fenix HM71R flashlight

Fenix, a flashlight manufacturer valued by many outdoor enthusiasts, has introduced a new headlamp (HM71R) to its offer, which uses two efficient LED emitters from Luminus: the SFT70 and the SST20.

The SFT70 LED is able to generate up to 2700 lumens in Turbo mode (at 13300 candelas). The parameters of the second emitter, the SST20, are lower and give more flood light (maximum 500 lumens and 555 candelas), but at the same time its light is characterized by neutral color (4000K) and high CRI color rendering - 90.

All HM71R options are controlled with one button. The user has at his disposal a number of different lighting modes that will work in different applications. The flashlight itself and its controller software have many additional functions implemented, such as a charge level indicator or various protections (against accidental switching on, emitter overheating, or excessive battery discharge).

The design of the flashlight allows it to be quickly attached and detached from the head mount. It is powered by a popular and efficient 21700 cell with a capacity of 5 Ah and charging is carried out using the integrated USB-C interface . The new product is protected against dust and water in a high IP68 class and is adapted to withstand the effects of a fall from a height of two meters.

The suggested price of the HM71R flashlight is about $120.

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