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WarMagNET - a revolution on the simulation market?
WarMagNET - a revolution on the simulation market?

WarMagNET - a revolution on the simulation market?

WarMagNET - a revolution on the simulation market?
WarMagNET - a revolution on the simulation market?

WarMagNET is described by its creators as the world's first real-time battlefield simulator. Behind these words is a whole range of revolutionary features of the system, which in its design sounds extremely ambitious. If successful, the solution developed by Prosta Giełda joint-stock company would immediately become an interesting alternative to other forms of military-style activities, such as paintball, airsoft or lasertag.

The design detail presented on the Internet are very interesting. The system, based on artificial intelligence algorithms, instead of lasers, uses thermal imaging analyzed in real time. Thanks to this, it will be possible to abandon the network of wide-area sensors, which characterize competitive solutions. For the system to work properly, a specially prepared weapon (based on several different airsoft replicas) and an optional, vibrating wristband, which signals receiving a hit, are sufficient. All this while maintaining the range of a "shot" reaching up to 2400 meters and the accuracy of hits at the level of 1 centimeter of center..

That's not all. The system offers advanced ballistics simulation, which takes into account, e.g. humidity, altitude, pressure, wind speed, type of ammo set, rain intensity, and even a physical FFG (Force Feedback Gun) system for a 99.8% realism of shooting experience. The constantly analyzed hit zone divides the player's body into individual areas, the "damage" of which has different effects. It will also be possible to recognize the type of obstacles separating the participants of the simulation (e.g. wood, concrete, or cars) and take them into account when calculating the damage dealt to a player. Compatibility with the appropriate accessories in the form of mines and grenades is to further increase the level of realism.

WarMagNET is also to be used in the form of advanced sniper simulation, as well as prepared for cooperation with software which enables monitoring the course of operations, providing detailed statistics and analysis of "shots" fired, as well as allowing to track the location of each participant and place them on a situational map in real time.

There is no denying that the design specifications of the system seem revolutionary and it can change who wargame simulations are being conducted, including amateur ones, to a large extent. Such ambitious plans, however, raise a lot of doubts among some of the people interested, who often question the existence of WarMagNET or various elements of the described system. Distrust is enchanced even more by the fact that many questions sent to the developers have not been answered satisfactorily and information on the mechanics of the system's operation are extremely scarce.

Prosta Giełda S.A., which specializes in the production and modernization of IT systems, has announced the release of WarMagNET (WMN 2.0) on July 1 this year. Earlier, in June, open tests for the press are planned at a private training ground in Piaski Duchowe, where in the future it will be possible to test the operation of the equipment before purchasing it. The presentation of the system, open to a wider audience, is to take place during the MSPO 2023 fair (International Defense Industry Exhibition), which will be held on September 5-8, 2023 in Kielce.

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