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Fenix TK20R UE
Fenix TK20R UE

Fenix TK20R UE

Fenix TK20R UE
Fenix TK20R UE

Fenix, a manufacturer of popular flashlights for various applications, introduced a new version of its tactical product from the TK20 series yesterday. The new model is called the TK20R UE and is characterized by several changes compared to its predecessor, the TK20R v2.0 flashlight.

In terms of the light source used and its properties, Fenix has not made significant changes in the new TK20R UE. The heart of the flashlight is an efficient Luminius SFT70 LED diode, however, the maximum luminous flux has been reduced to 2800 lumens (compared to 3000 lumens in the TK20R v2.0). The flux of the light source in turbo mode has also been decreased to 53,880 candelas (previously 56,600 cd), which also reduces the range of the product according to the ANSI standard: from 475 to 465 meters. The aforementioned change slightly improved the flashlight's battery life.

The main modification made in the new model is the resignation from two buttons in favor of a single one and the addition of a group mode knob operated with one hand. The latter is located on the edge of the rear nut, next to the main switch. This solution is called the FlexiSensa Control and allows to switch the flashlight to one of three modes: Lock mode (prevents accidental switching on), Duty mode (allows to use the main switch to select between low, medium, high and turbo modes), as well as Tactical mode (only turbo and strobe modes available). The TK20R UE controller remembers the last used mode, including the strobe one.

Other features and functions of the flashlight, such as light temperature (approximately 6500 K), charging via an integrated USB-C port with a charge level indicator, full water resistance and high resistance to falls, as well as compatibility with many accessories offered by the manufacturer are still there.

The new product is available in four colors: Desert Camo, Tan, Tropic and City Gray, and its suggested price is $139.95.

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