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Agency Arms EXA by Redwolf Airsoft
Agency Arms EXA by Redwolf Airsoft

Agency Arms EXA by Redwolf Airsoft

Agency Arms EXA by Redwolf Airsoft
Agency Arms EXA by Redwolf Airsoft

In the United States, which is the mecca of gun modifications, there is no shortage of unique companies. One of them is Agency Arms, which has been on the market since 2015, creating designs that are more functional than visual. From Glocks, the SIG SAUER P320, the FN 509, the  M&P 9 to Benelli shotguns, they create tuning parts that improve work, operation or even allow for more fun. Due to the interesting appearance, Agency Arms products began to break through to the world of the cinema, where in the latest "John Wick 4" film, the Agency Arms EXA gun ended up in the hands of the main character as one of the many weapons he used.

As most of you probably know, the whole John Wick world is based on realistic looking fistfights, gunfights and chases (which is what most of us like the most). Refined choreography, a serious approach to the use of firearms, including a finite number of rounds, as well as how fat they work how you operate them, create iconic scenes worthy to be remembered. Keanu Reeves is another essential part of those films, with his acting talent and personal charm. In addition, in each subsequent part, we have the opportunity to get to see latest top-shelf releases, which only adds prestige to such products as well as airsoft replicas of the movie props. Courtesy of RedWolf Airsoft we had the opportunity to take a closer look at the airsoft version of Agency Arms EXA licensed by Lone Wolf.

The replica comes in a fairly simple box, complete with one magazine and an additional gear grip panel. The set is simple, without any extras.There is no manual inside either as it is available to download using a QR code.


Basic technical parameters:
- overall length: 195 mm,
- inner barrel length: 97 mm,
- weight (with an empty magazine): 670 g,
- magazine capacity: 23 BBs,
- muzzle velocity: 300 fps (using 0.2 g BBs).



Like the real firearms, the replica is based on the Glock platform with all its characteristic elements. Despite the unique character, the slide and the polymer frame are also interchangeable between other replicas, which further proves their universality. In the case of holsters, the replica is a bit more picky, due to the frame being 1 mm wider than other replicas, which in the case of some models of dedicated holsters can be a decisive difference. The replica's frame itself is a licensed version of the Lone Wolf product with the "Shark Skin" texture applied which is supposed to imitate shark skin to the touch, greatly improving the grip.

This feature can be considered a success, because the texture was applied to most surfaces, from the grip to the outer part of the trigger guard. This minimizes the movement of the replica in one's hands during shooting. There are no grooves for fingers in the front, but to better fit under its user, one can replace the rear grip panel for the one provided in the set.

The steel slide stop is on on the left side. The classic magazine release button is placed in a similar place, but the replica is adapted for it to be moved to the other side. The slide is also made of steel, which is nothing special.

The trigger deserves special attention as it is a licensed Agency Arms product with markings. In addition to the visual effects, it also has the option of shortening its travel by adjusting it in a less visible place. The adjustment range is satisfactory but requires a specific wrench.

The replica has a magwell for the magazines is mounted at the bottom of the grip. It is made of metal with a coating identical to the one on the slide. Its fit is not perfect, which results in a slight slack that is noticeable.

As befits a tactical replica, it also has an underbarrel rail with 3 slots for mounting accessories. We do not know if it is just a case of our unit, but there are differences in the width between the individual slots. Next to it, there is also a serial number printed (laser engraving?) on the frame.

The design of the slide certainly attracts attention. Made of aluminum and with a port over the barrel, it significantly reduces weight and shifts the center of balance to the rear, which can be felt when shooting. Racking is further facilitated by deep cuts on the front and back of the slide.

The coating used seems to be quite durable, and it also looks good. The factory sights of the replica are raised and made of polymer. The rear sight has no inserts and is moved slightly backwards, and the front sight has a red fiber optic insert.

The sights are not adjustable, but after a longer look one can see a slight skew of the front sight from the top, which is additionally glued to the slide. We will not find a factory mount for optical sights here. Small details were also taken recreated in the slide, such as a dummy shell ejector, which is a separate element. As befits a replica of an American weapon, there is also a patriotic addition in the form of a stylized US flag and between the rear sight and ejection port or the Agency Arms logo in front of it.

Without disassembling the replica, the outer barrel draws attention. Steel color with a matte finish, markings, grooves or traces of use on the barrel stand out from the crowd and give character.

Additionally, the rifling and elements of barrel wear are visible from the side of the muzzle, thanks to which the black inner barrel is not so visible. For this reason, there is no thread for mounting muzzle devices. The barrels are not permanently connected to each other, thanks to which the inner one can be firmly connected with the frame, and the outer one can be responsible for locking the mechanism. This is not an ideal solution, as it is accompanied by a clattering sound, which may be bothersome for some. In addition, separating the barrels is slightly problematic due to the tight fit and mold marks on the outer barrel. It requires considerable force and a few tries to do. No the flip side, the chamber also has markings.

The last part of the replica is a plastic return spring guide.



Inside, the Agency Arms EXA replica does not differ from known standards. A standard nozzle from Glock generation 5 replicas by Vega Force Company was used. The nozzle port has been profiled to be rounder for better tightness with the magazine, which is worth bearing in mind when choosing them.

Behind the nozzle there is a piston made entirely of soft silicone. This gives quite satisfactory air seal which results with stable performance.

The assembly of the nozzle and the piston is a casting made of aluminum, attached to the replica with a screw that is also responsible for holding the rear sight and the dummy stop plate. The hole behind it is a part of the dummy stop plate, it does not have a thread and is not an important part. The whole structure is very nicely fitted inside the slide and, without the use of gentle force, it is impossible to remove the parts and putting the back inside does not cause any problems.

Be careful with the already mentioned shell ejector, because it is not attached in any way to the slide, it is fitted between it and the nozzle housing in a special notch.

The trigger mechanism used can be praised for quite pleasant operation. The ability to adjust it makes it a lot easier, but the factory set reset point is very far away. In addition, its individual parts do not differ from known standards.

They are made of alloy, with the exception of the parts of the rod or the hammer, which are made of steel. When inserting the magazine, there is a slight problem with the valve hammer, which is very protruded, which causes the valve to open which manifests itself in an audible "pop" sound when inserting a new magazine and creates marks around the valve on the magazine. This applies to both the magazine supplied with the replica and ones made by other brands.

The replica features an aluminum inner barrel with a length of 97 mm. The hop-up chamber is responsible for spinning the BBs, to which we gain access after removing the slide. The chamber itself works very smoothly and without significant resistance, allowing to set the appropriate spin of the BBs.

Together with the silicone hop-up bucking, made in the GBB standard, the whole delivers repeatable shots without deviations in any direction.

The magazine supplied with the replica is a collection of interesting solutions. The BB channel is widened along the entire length, which facilitates faster loading. The coating on the magazine gives the impression of holding polymer in ones' hands. As a standard, the magazine has cuts on both sides, allowing it to be used with the magazine release at either side of the replica. The enlarged floor plate in the original is supposed to allow for two additional rounds to fit in the magazine, but here it is only a cosmetic addition under which the gas intake valve is hidden. For this reason, each time the gas is filled, the magazine floor plate must be removed. But do not worry about losing the spring and the follower as it is impossible due to the changed design of the magazine. An additional locking element in the BB channel prevents the spring and the follower from falling out, which makes it possible to remove them only after disassembling the magazine lip. The latter is a standard polymer part, and the magazine seal is concave to better fit the nozzle.


The replica works without any problems, with a very fast cycle. The slightly shifted the center of balance to the rear causes more recoil which, along with the "Shark Skin" texture, gives a quite pleasant shooting experience. The shots have no visible differences in range and the performance using 0.2 g BBs at the ambient temperature of 24 degrees Celsius is as follows:

  1. 307.2 fps

  2. 306.9 fps

  3. 300.5 fps

  4. 299.1 fps

  5. 295.0 fps

  6. 295.2 fps

  7. 293.9 fps

  8. 293.3 fps

  9. 291.7 fps

  10. 291.0 fps


The replica was tested outdoors with the Hop-Up system adjusted for 0.2 g BBs at a distance of 10 m. The results can be seen below on an A4 size target.


Agency Arms EXA Pistol replica by RedWolf Airsoft combines elements taken from different manufacturers. The project certainly stands out with the frame made by Lone Wolf or parts of Agency Arms design, giving the possibility of testing the American manufacturer's proprietary solutions in the world of airsoft. The finish of the metal parts and the polymers used seem to be durable and should stand the test of time. The accuracy with which the replica was made is very impressive. Small imperfections in the form of the rear sight or a loose outer barrel should not be an obstacle for those who want to improve these shortcomings. Moreover, keeping the replica in the common standard of parts also makes it possible to modify it, while offering satisfactory performance straight out of the box. The product may mainly be of interest to collectors and fans of John Wick, but will also find fans among ordinary players thanks to its intriguing appearance and realistic operation.


This text was created as part of an commercial cooperation with RedWolf Airsoft. As always, we have made every effort to ensure that the following article provides reliable information. It presents the author's opinion and does not close further discussion, to which we invite you in the comments.



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