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Licenced Barrett M82A1 replica at Taiwangun
Licenced Barrett M82A1 replica at Taiwangun

Licenced Barrett M82A1 replica at Taiwangun

Licenced Barrett M82A1 replica at Taiwangun
Licenced Barrett M82A1 replica at Taiwangun

Fully licensed Barrett M82A1 replica in two versions now available at Taiwangun

Collaboration between Taiwangun.com airsoft store and Snow Wolf has brought not only historical airsoft replicas to the store's offer. One of the products that the shop has high hopes for is the fully licensed replica of the semi-automatic, large-caliber Barrett M82A1sniper rifle. Thanks to 6mm Pro Shop and the license granted by Snow Wolf, airsoft players worldwide can enjoy a replica of one of the most legendary sniper rifles in the world, complete with all the markings.

A Bit of History

The original rifle, created by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing and introduced to the world in 1982, was the first in a series of many rifles using .50 BMG, 12.7x99mm NATO ammunition from the same manufacturer. Initially, the M82A1, often called Light Fifty by its users, was not very popular. However, everything changed in the late '80s when the company received a significant order from Sweden, followed by a large number of M82A1 rifles purchased by the United States Army for the Persian Gulf War, including Operation Desert Storm.

Record Shot

Barrett sniper rifles demonstrated not only their destructive power but also their reliability. In 2012, the farthest confirmed hit using an M82A1 was recorded in Afghanistan. The shot was fired by a member of the Australian Army Delta Company, 2nd Commando Regiment. One of the bullets hit a Taliban squad leader located 2,815 meters away from the shooter. To this day, it remains the second-longest confirmed sniper shot in history.

Fully Licensed Airsoft Replica of the Barrett M82A1, Two Versions at Taiwangun

Today, at Taiwangun airsoft store, you will find fully licensed airsoft replicas of the Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle in two versions: AEG and spring powered.

Both versions are characterized by their high-quality construction, with engraved markings identical to the real rifle. The replicas are made using top-quality materials. The construction is predominantly metal, with only the pistol grip and magazine made of high-quality plastic, while the stock pad is rubber for increased user comfort. The receiver, RIS rail, barrel shroud, bipod, and carrying handle (included with the replica) are all made of metal. Both replicas feature a 22mm Picatinny rail for mounting an optic sight.

The weight also contributes to realism. The spring powered version of the Barrett M82A1 weighs 5.6 kilograms, while the AEG version weighs a hefty 6.7 kilograms. Although not as heavy as the original, it is still one of the heaviest replicas in on the market.

Differences in construction between the AEG and spring powered versions

The spring powered version has a reinforced cylinder set and piston with a diameter of 23.5mm. The spring is standard and interchangeable with the AEG version, making it easier to choose appropriate spring power. The trigger assembly is compatible with 90° trigger set for AEG springs.

The AEG version has a reinforced V2 gearbox equipped with a quick spring change system, as well as steel gears mounted on bushings capable of withstanding heavy loads. The great advantage of this solution is the abundance of upgrade parts available on the airsoft market, allowing for almost any configuration and providing wide possibilities for replica customization.

If you have ever dreamt of owning a Barrett M82A1, you cannot ignore the one made by Snow Wolf. Whether you will buy it to hang it on a wall as a decoration, for airsofting or for historical reenactments, you will be extremely satisfied with your purchase.

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