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WENO-X — Polish AntyFog system
WENO-X — Polish AntyFog system

WENO-X — Polish AntyFog system

WENO-X — Polish AntyFog system
WENO-X — Polish AntyFog system

While browsing the Internet, we came across an interesting project from Poland. It is called the WENO-X, made by Kris 0.11‰. It is a ventilation device for glasses printed on a filament 3D printer. It consist of a fan and a controller that allows to set the power of the fan that sucks the air into the channels placed on the glass.

A regular powerbank is to be used as power supply, which, depending on the capacity of the power source, allows to play the entire game with your friends with, theoretically, fog-free eye protection.

Watching reviews and info from the creator himself, we know that the fan blowing air makes a slight sound, but in the first gear it is practically inaudible. Second gear makes more noise. Vibration during operation of the device is also felt, but (supposedly) it is not strong enough to interfere with airsofting.

The WENO-X1R model comes in a blue box with a fan, the frame itself and a controller in a housing. The device has 3 types of clamps for different models of glasses, so it is universal. In addition, the manufacturer declares assistance in assessing whether his product will fit a given model of glasses or goggles.

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