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G&G Armament World Cup Shooting Competition 2023
G&G Armament World Cup Shooting Competition 2023

G&G Armament World Cup Shooting Competition 2023

G&G Armament World Cup Shooting Competition 2023
G&G Armament World Cup Shooting Competition 2023

G&G Armament is a manufacturer of airsoft replicas and equipment with a long tradition, whose popularity remains unchanged among various generations of airsoft replica enthusiasts and those that like spending their free time with them. The company is perceived by players not only through the quality of its products - both for beginners and experienced users - but also through continuous work to create the image of airsoft as a useful sport and hobby that brings many benefits for one's own health or building interpersonal relationships.

Among the most recognizable initiatives of this Taiwanese manufacturer are the annual film and photo competitions (Your Greatest Glory and Show Yourself), as well as biennial international shooting tournaments organized since 2015 (with a break due to Covid-19). This year's G&G Armament World Cup Shooting Competition 2023, the finals of which will take place at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) on October 27-29, is the fourth event gathering players from all over the world.

The Polish qualifiers, which previously took place during GFPOINT, were hosted by different organizers this year. The event was prepared by GT Arena, a popular facility for airsoft games in Konstancin-Jeziorna (Mazowieckie Voivodeship), and the Austrian Airsoftzone.comshop, also involved in qualifiers in Austria and Switzerland. The competition, which we had the opportunity to announce earlier, took place last Sunday and selected the winners who were given the opportunity to represent Poland during the upcoming finals in Taiwan.

Just like during the 2017 edition, the qualifications were won by a pair consisting of  Łukasz Mućwicki and Łukasz Pasiut from the "VIS group". In addition to an invitation to the G&G Armament World Cup Shooting Competition 2023 (flight and hotel are sponsored by the manufacturer), they also received G&G ARP 2.0 AEG replicas as prizes. Did you know that these winners had the opportunity to share their impressions of to participate in the finals in 2017, where they took 14th place?

The final tournament scheduled for the end of October in Taiwan will again be based on a dynamic shooting formula, but definitely more extensive than the qualifiers. Equipped with AEG ARP556 2.0 and GBB GPM1911 CP replicas with G&G 0.25 g BBs, participants will compete in three different competitions using G&G M.E.T. targets that will test their speed, endurance, perception, accuracy and ability to cooperate in a two-man team. Three days of competition will include a trial round (to familiarize oneself with the tracks and requirements), a ranking round (which will be used to determine the order of runs during the final stage of the competition) and a final round (a fight for the championship).

The best teams will receive attractive prizes. The winning pair will receive 10,000 USD. The winners of the 2nd place will be awarded 5,000 USD, and the participants scoring 3rd place - 2,000 USD.

During the practice round, contestants have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Stage 2 and Stage 3. When competing on Stage 2, the pair must hit 30 M.E.T targets. at various distances in Search & Destroy mode, and will be handicapped by a rubber rope that will bind both shooters. Particularly interesting is Stage 3 in the form of a kill house, where participants, in addition to hitting a total of 52 targets, will have to perform a whole series of tasks before completing the course. Cooperation will prove to be of key importance in completing some of them.

The ranking round will start the next day. As part of it, participants will compete on the Stage 1 and, again, 2. Stage 1 will involve shooting 25 M.E.T. targets in S&D mode at a distance of 8 meters after running a short distance. Points scored during this round will not count towards the final: they are only used to determine the order of participation, according to the principle that the best shoots last.

Directly after the ranking round, the final round will begin. All pairs will face each other in the competition on Stage 2 and 3, and their results will determine the final ranking. The last runs of participants with the highest number of points accumulated in the ranking round are scheduled for the last day of the event.

It is worth knowing that G&G Armament World Cup Shooting Competition is not only a time of competition between representatives of individual countries. It is also an event for other people from the airsoft community, for whom lots of attractions will be prepared again during these days. For example, in 2017, while Łukasz Mućwicki and Łukasz Pasiut competed against competitors from other countries, a second event was taking place there at the same time: the Taiwan Camo Festival, which we couldn't miss.

This year, during the competition, there will also be various, smaller competitions for people willing to take part in them, in which separate prizes and small gifts will be awarded.

The last organized edition of the G&G Armament World Cup Shooting Competition took place before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic: in 2019. Japan won the tournament with 169 points. The second place went to the team from Netherlands with 146 points. Our southern neighbors, Czechs, were also on the podium with 144 points. Participants from Poland took 24th place (out of 33).

Will this year our colleagues manage to improve the result of their predecessors, as well as their own from 2017? Time will tell. We, as the official media partner of G&G Armament World Cup 2023, will be there to report the players' actions live for you. There are still almost two months left until the event, but we encourage you to follow it now!

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