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InfiRay: EL25, EL35, EH35, announcement of Finder v2
InfiRay: EL25, EL35, EH35, announcement of Finder v2

InfiRay: EL25, EL35, EH35, announcement of Finder v2

InfiRay: EL25, EL35, EH35, announcement of Finder v2
InfiRay: EL25, EL35, EH35, announcement of Finder v2

The offer of InfiRay Outdoor, a brand belonging to Raytron Technology focused on the optoelectronic outdoor market, includes new models of hand-held thermal imagers forming the EYE III: EL25, EL35 and EH35.

EYE III Series are hand-held, compact thermal imaging monoculars that use the manufacturer's latest solutions in the field of thermal sensors and design. Each of the new models has similar dimensions (54x54x200 mm) and weight (approximately 480 g). The method of operating the device has been modified: in addition to the button, there is a multifunctional controller (a knob that can be pressed) at the user's disposal. The change is intended to facilitate quick and intuitive control of the thermal imager. The power supply is provided by a built-in lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4200 mAh. According to the manufacturer, it is adapted for fast charging via the USB-C port built into the device (up to 80% in one hour), as well as for operation in low temperatures, the impact of which on the operating time of the monocular is to be minimized (8 hours at 22°C and 7 hours at -20°C).

The new EYE III series devices include the EL25, EL35 and EH35 models. They differ in the optics used and the sensor resolution, which affects the basic optical magnification, field of view, as well as the detection range and image detail. The latter also depends largely on the thermal sensitivity of the new InfiRay Outdoor products (NETD ≤25 mK).

The EL25 is the basic, cheapest model in the new series. It uses a 25 mm lens and a sensor with a resolution of 384x288 pixels and a size of 12 μm. This translates into a base optical magnification of 2.5x, a field of view of 10.5°x7.9° and a detection range of 1300 meters.

The EL35 is a model using the same sensor with a resolution of 384x288 pixels in a size of 12 μm. However, it uses a 35 mm lens. The device has a base optical magnification of 3.5x and a field of view of 7.5°x5.7°. The detection range is 1800 meters.

The EH35 is the most advanced of the new models. A sensor with a resolution of 640x512 pixels (12 μm) and optics of 35 mm are used here. Thanks to this, the device maintains a detection distance of 1800 meters despite a smaller base magnification (2.0x) and a larger field of view (12.5°x10.0° ).

All new thermal imagers offer a large number of additional functions and features that users have already become accustomed to using other InfiRay Outdoor products. The image is displayed on an AMOLED screen with a 1440x1080 px matrix with a frequency of 50 Hz. Other features include: a video recorder with sound with a capacity of 32 GB. The device supports Wi-Fi wireless connectivity and can also update its own software.

The new EYE III Series models are not the only new products in the InfiRay Outdoor offer. On Thursday, September 14, at 8:00 p.m. (CET), the manufacturer's online conference will be held, during which its upcoming plans will be presented. It is already known that the new products will include a refreshed version of the Finder v2 thermal imaging camera, which uses, following the products of competitors, a sensor with a NETD sensitivity of ≤20 mK.

Source: InfiRay Outdoor



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