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NutSof Cable Canal
NutSof Cable Canal

NutSof Cable Canal

NutSof Cable Canal
NutSof Cable Canal

NutSof has introduced a simple cable organizer designed by Opfor Night Solutions Corp intended for use on helmets.

It consists of two small panels mounted with a Velcro. Each of them has two flexible strips with a diameter of 1", which can accommodate several different cables, including those with angled plugs.

Additionally, the product allows to thread a safety rope through the holes located at both ends of the panels, e.g. to provide protection for devices carried on a helmet.

Made in Canada, NutSof Cable Canal is available in Multicam camouflage. The two-panel set is priced at 45CAD (about 33 USD).

Source: NutSof, SoldierSystems, Opfor Night Solutions Corp



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