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Olight Warrior Nano flashlight
Olight Warrior Nano flashlight

Olight Warrior Nano flashlight

Olight Warrior Nano flashlight
Olight Warrior Nano flashlight

Olight, a manufacturer of popular flashlights for various applications, has introduced a new model to the market: the Warrior Nano. This is the smallest of the classic tactical flashlights in the company's offer.

Made of high-quality aluminum, measuring only 81 mm in length and 23 mm in diameter, the flashlight is powered by a non-standard (replaceable) 3.6V type 18350 Li-Ion cell known from the Seeker 4 Mini with capacity of 1100 mAh. Its emitter is able to generate a luminous flux of a maximum value of 1200 lumens and a light intensity of up to 4697 candela, achieving a declared range of 135 meters. These parameters indicate that the new product shines in a diffused manner and is intended for use at short distances. The light temperature is in the range of 5700-6700K (cold white), and the CRI parameter is set at 70.

Other lighting modes include many weaker ones and a stroboscopic mode (13 Hz). Although the most powerful of them - "Turbo" (1200 lumens) - can heat up the flashlight in just 3 minutes to the point that requires automatic reduction of the luminous flux to approximately 1/3, to the economical "Low" option (60 lumens), it is possible to use the product continuously even for 10 hours. There is also a "Moonlight" mode (0.5 lumen), when used, the included battery lasts for 40 days of operation.

Like many other models from the Warrior series, the new product is equipped with two switches: a two-stage rear one, for use in tactical applications, and a side one, which will be useful when using with a flashlight as an EDC device. Two buttons connected to an advanced controller allow to program the modes and operation of the flashlight, among many predefined options, in a way that suits the user's preferences.

The Olight Warrior Nano, including the power supply, weighs 85 grams and is sold in a set with a battery, a magnetic USB charger, a carrying clip and a simple wall mount. The product is resistant to falls from a height of 1.5 meters and protected against the adverse effects of water in a high IPX8 standard. Although priced at 74.99 USD, it can currently be ordered at a promotional price. It is available in black, and for a limited time also in the limited "Zombie Green" color.

Source: Olight World



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