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MARSH 5 - players registration
MARSH 5 - players registration

MARSH 5 - players registration

MARSH 5 - players registration
MARSH 5 - players registration

Tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. the official registration stage of players for next year's MARSH 5 airsoft event, over which we have media patronage, will begin. Ticket purchase will be possible via the online store run by the organizers. The link can be found here.

What is MARSH 5? This is a large, 48-hour airsoft staff game using vehicles and pyrotechnics, which will return in this form next year for the third time. If you are interested in details and our impressions from the previous edition, please take a look at one of the earlier news at our website.

Participants can take part in the game by joining one of the three sides of the conflict: STORM (led by Michał and Jakub, well-known in the Polish community), RATS (led by Ethell and Rico) and NOMAD (under the care of Straszna and Scout, who have won the most editions).

It is worth mentioning that the registration of ingame vehicles has been ongoing for some time. 27 motorized crews have already expressed willingness to take part in the game. Their list is publicly available, so it can be predicted which side of the conflict the rest of the players from airsoft groups listed there will want to join.

And which faction will you support? It's worth doing it fast, because the number of tickets in the first (cheaper) round is limited.

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