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HIKMICRO Habrok multispectral binoculars
HIKMICRO Habrok multispectral binoculars

HIKMICRO Habrok multispectral binoculars

HIKMICRO Habrok multispectral binoculars
HIKMICRO Habrok multispectral binoculars

Multispectral devices in the offer of HIKMICRO, a manufacturer of night vision and thermal imaging devices from China, are not a completely new thing. The company has previously introduced, among other products, the Gryphon line that provides both thermal and digital night vision capabilities, or the advanced Raptor series, gaining popularity in the first half of this year. Devices of this type allow to display different image layers based on different technologies or even combine them.

The latest HIKMICRO Habrok multispectral models are similar in their capabilities to the earlier Raptor series. However, they have a more compact and slightly lighter designs (780 grams without a power supply), with a shape and ergonomics of use that are even more reminiscent of classic binoculars.

Currently, the offer includes four versions of the new product: HH35L, HH35LN, HQ35L and HQ35LN . They differ in the resolution of the 12 μm pixel thermal sensor used ("H" stands for 384x288 px and "Q" for 640x512 px) , as well as the wavelength of the integrated IR illuminator (850 nm or the more discreet 940 nm in models marked with the letter "N").

All of them are equipped with a 35 mm lens for the thermal imaging layer. Due to the F1.0 light intensity, high NETD thermal sensitivity of <20 mK and advanced image quality improvement algorithms (including Zoom Pro technology), good quality thermal imaging should be expected. The nature of the optics and sensor used, as well as the resulting technical image parameters, indicate that the mentioned versions of Habrok binoculars are intended for observations at a closer distance than the more expensive models from the Raptor series, where larger lenses were available, up to 75 mm.

HIKMICRO Habrok binoculars use the same sensors responsible for the layer in the visible spectrum as the Raptor series, 1.88'' Progressive ScanCMOS, with a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels and a sensitivity reaching 0.001 lux (given for F1.0, while 31 mm, with F1.2 optics used). They allow conducting observations during the day in full color. At night, the range of the digital night vision mode can be enhanced using an illuminator to up to 350 meters (for the 940 nm variant) or 400 meters (850 nm variant).

The remaining image parameters and differences between the described versions of the new devices are well illustrated in the table below:

HIKMICRO Habrok is not only the Raptor line in a new housing. Although in the latest binoculars the simultaneous display of two image layers is unfortunately only possible using the Picture in Picture mode, there is also room for some improvements. The refresh rate for thermal imaging has increased from 25 Hz to 50 Hz, and the image itself is now displayed to the user on improved OLED 0.49", 1920x1080 px screens, compared to Raptor's 0, 39", 1024x768 px.

When writing about the advantages of new products, it is impossible not to mention the numerous additional functions which the Habrok line has. The user has an integrated laser rangefinder (with a range up to 1000 meters) which, in addition to precisely measuring the distance to the target, allows to determine its location using built-in GPS and electronic compass modules. It is also possible to save videos and photos from observations in internal memory (EMMC 64 GB), or establish a wireless connection using the HIKMICRO Sight application, compatible with Android and iOS devices.

These are just some of the possibilities of the new, multispectral binoculars from HIKMICRO. They are powered by replaceable 18650 batteries, placed in two compartments. The manufacturer includes four batteries in the set, which allow for continuous observation for up to 6 hours. It can be further extended by using an external power source, thanks to the Habrok built-in USB-C port.

The HIKMICRO Habrok binoculars are resistant to the adverse effects of water in the high IP67 standard. Depending on the version, they are priced from approximately 2,900 EUR (HH35L and HH35LN verisons) up to even 3700 EUR (HQ35L and HQ35LN versions).




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