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G.5 K (MP5 K)

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Among Chinese producers, Galaxy is pretty specific brand. Even though it practically has only one AEG replica, it is said to be the only popular Chinese airsoft producer. As we all know, Galaxy produces only MP5K in number of varieties. Most popular is classic Kurz and PDW (MP5K Personal Defence Weapon).


Before Galaxy started its series (it was almost two years ago!), if you wanted to buy MP5-K there were only two options: AEG by Tokyo Marui, and GBB by Maruzen. Even though Kurz was the cheapest AEG by TM, it was still twice more expensive than avarage Chinese AEG of different sort. Now, situation has changed... :)

I had a chance to test three pieces of MP5K by Galaxy (including my own). Even though it is believed that Chinese products have pretty random reproducibility, all three Galaxy were quite alike. After a few months of testing them, and other players view I may have a chance to say something about its advantages and disadvantages of short MP5.


Let's move on!

Outer look

The smallest MP5 weights about 1200g (while real one 2000g) and it is only 305mm. How small is that, you may see when you realise that i.e. Glock 18C is about 200mm long. Everything is wrapped in simple grey cardboard box, which brings memories of early series by Chinese producers: Well and first JG. Along with the replica itself we get Hi-cap mag (long 200BB), 8.4V 1100mAh stick battery, simple charger, ramrod and manual. Sometimes, depending on supplier, you can get as well 30BBs short mag, known better from TM version. If you compare this set to other Chinese products, it may look poor, but do not forget you get all of this for as low as 189PLN (55USD)! As for now, it is the cheapest AEG with fullsize, standard GB in the history of airsoft!


Outer look is comparable with main competitors of JG or Cyma. Metal parts are covered with bad quality paint (which is still much better than CA Sport Line). Still, overall it makes a good impression. What's worth mentioning, muzzle sight, fire mode selector, are covered with visibly worse quality paint, than a mag.

Plastic body has no licensed HK marks, but at least it goes without common Chinese additions like "cal. 6mm" or "Read manual before use"... The only marks on Galaxy replica is "Kal. 9mmx19" as it is on the mag.


Tech solutions

Fundamental part of whole replica, is gearbox v3, copied from TM. It is well compatible with original one. Even though, some would claim GB v3 with engine of long type is a Chinese solution, it is really also a copy of Marui. It is so much better than classic v2, that there are people who buy Kurz, only to add stock, long barrel (i.e. hidden in silencer), just to make it comparable to 'longer' MP5s - while having all durability of GB v3.


Of course MP5K users, have to deal with, typical drawbacks of putting a lot, in a small package. It is not convenient to replace the battery, and to adjust HU.

There is only a space to fit 8.4V, 1100mAh Ni-Mh battery pack, and some of Li-Po / Li-Ion. It is even worse, because battery in the box is pretty weak as for its voltage. If you would like to use 9.6V, you have to cut a bit dummy reload handle and if you choose new generation LiPo battery, it might be difficult to make it possible to fit the body (if you try hard, body might not stand it).


To adjust HU, it is neccessary to remove front grip, mounted by one pin - regrettably it is pretty irritating. HU chamber is quite the same as in AK series - there is only different lever. HU rubber was astonishing. This piece is usually typical drawback of Chinese products. G5 is outstanding - while shooting 0.2g and 0.25g BBs - both while winter temperatures, were sufficiently spinned. I had no chance to measure inner barrel precisely, though as for around 10cm it is more than accurate.


HU chamber + rubber quality + barrel, this combo is huge advantage of this replica.


Of course there are drawbacks, to mention most important:

- plastic rifling is something which should just not exist - picture below shows what happened, after first unscrewing;

- fire mode selector is unstable, there are number of problems with single mode, to compare with other aegs - problems are serious;

- rearsight has no adjustment

- wires are thin and too long (it is like TM, but wires are thin in diameter);

- engine is poor and loud - it just moans (it is not common for Chinese, it just depends on which generation is the replica);


Replica may work with number of mag types, by practically any producer. I have tested (apart from in-the-box) TM, CA and CYMA. Galaxy mags are unreliable. There are gaps on feeding while shooting auto, and one of tested pieces, blew it's racks along with BBs...

Sometimes most basic parts fails: belt mounting is not mounted properly, it is just squized ove - it could easily fell off, and I don't have to mention - you can easily break a gun falling down of it. After first such a experience, muzzle sight basis did not survive, it broke on connection of screw keeping it together with a main body.

"M" series - based on Maruzen product - RIS rails, unfortunately are made of plastic.



GB v3, known better from AK series, G36, AUG or even MP40, is reliable and very successful. The only drawback you may see at this point, would be scarcity of parts typical for MP5 K, like nozzle - or fire mode selector plate.

GB body, as it is common in replica made in China, is nothing nice - it is made in a slipshod manner. Rack holes are really not precise.

Inside gearbox:

- Cylinder - type 4 brass, looks funny - a hole is located in half of lenght.

- Racks XYT, steel with producer marks. Engine rack has four antireversal latches. Its washing is bad, but if we manage to fix that, you can stress them as those known from JG or Boyi - even up to M140.

- Spring slide, nothing good - made of plastic.

- Cylinder head - plastic, with solid gasket.

- Piston - avarage, nothing innovative.

- Piston head - standard, directional.

- Nozzle - plastic, you should take care of it, it is pretty rare part in the shops.

- Main spring - regular work. Something around M120 (assuming on problems for stock battery).

- Wires - low on diameter, it is worth replacing, though wires cannot be to thick, or they would not fit in the body!

- Engine, the biggest drawback of Galaxy. Even though it is the same brand as most of the Chinese AEGs, it lacks power and is noisy. Alltogether with long trigger lever, it just makes trigger action so slow.

- Bearings - 6mm, steel - strong point, especially in this price range.

- there is not enough grease and it is badly placed. My own replica had also some piece of litter, trapped between racks.
Even though it seems to be


Upgrade possibilities

Some maniacs would be interested in upgrade possibilities. One would be if and how to make it a CQB spray, one the rest of crazy ideas.


-Engine - replacement is a must, high speed advisable.

-Battery, any other would be better, it may be 9.6V on bigger than mini cells - used as outer battery.

-Piston head - it is responsible for legendary clunky sound - it would be recommendable to use better brand


- To keep the look, it would be good to use Li-Po / Li-Ion battery to fit it into body - maybe it would require to use a grinder, but if the look is on stake...

- Probably it would help to replace whole cylinder set - I use Guarder Bore-Up, but it is pretty expensive and not always available. It is a bargain to use some Deep Fire, though it has not so called silent piston head. If you change piston head it might be neccessary to grind its mounting in GB (as on pictures below).

- Any longer barrel would have to be hidden in silencer - it might not go that smooth. Threads are not precise and short outer barrel may require grinding as well.

- Any upper MP5 rails, scopes would fit.

- If you go for metal body, remember that there are number of differences between Kurz and standard MP5 - it would not just not fit - you have to buy MP5K dedicated metal body. It is not popular and pretty expensive (300PLN / 90USD).

- In some foreign shops you may find dozens of dedicated accessories, including Kurz dedicated wooden stock :)


In general I would rather recommend not to change to much - it just shoots well and if it is meant to be used in short distance you could just change a battery.


All three tested G.5 using stock barrel, HU chamber and HU rubber - reached 320 fps, maximum range about 50 meteres. RoF 13 BBs / s. Some say it may be that out of the box G.5 may reach even 350-370 fps.

After testing it with Guarder Bore Up, it did not change much. It is probably due to weak spring. But it gained more stable repeatibility, and it sounds better.


I like Galaxy MP5K from the very beginning, I use it for a couple of months and it only gets better. After consulting it on forum, it seems i am not alone. G.5 is a cheap, handy, functional replica which shoots well enough. All the out of the box failures are easy to deal with. If it would break down, you may probably buy another second hand for as low as 100PLN (30USD)! As for the firepower, it is just way better than any miniGB invention like AEP or MP7 - which to be honest are (yes) bigger! Competition of any UZI, without mentioning the price difference is pinned down by easy service. Let's be hones, how many people here, have seen (at least on the photo) GB v5?

I have to add, that even though I have mentioned some failures which may just ruin your day, it may get even worse - if you get unlucky piece of Chinese producer.

Nevertheless to summarize, I would just say simply: I recommend it!

(Translation by Bukhart)



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