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Steyr Mannlicher M9-A1

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Steyr Mannlicher an Austrian company has a long lasting tradition of production both long and short firearms  - dating back to the 19th Century.

AUG assault rifle became the most recognisable product of this company, though hunting and sniper rifles by Steyr have also a very good opinion. There are also professional sport short firearms and as well long barrel airguns in production.


Steyr Mannlicher for the first time introduced M9 running on 9x19mm para, in 1999. It is a compact pistol - frame is made of polymer and metal slide, with a grip bended in wide angle, which feels in hand very firmly. Thanks to this solution, a barrel is low and close to the hand, which helps to reduce recoil.

Most of the technical solutions and design are marked with name of Wilhelm Bubits, who is also said to be associated with Walther P99 construction.


M9-A1 is an upgraded version, with improved integral RIS and a grip with better texture.  Unfortunately Steyr M9 stays in shadow of other Austrian pistol: Glock - which is his direct competition. It is a pity beacause it is modern and ergonomic weapon. It is mainly sold to legal enforcement powers and to individuals.



A box is standard, aesthetic and well designed. There is a cardboard box on the top and the styrofoam secured with wrapping film on the back.


In the box except for replica itself we find two piece of manual and 0.2g BBs bag. Attached manual has a few languages including English, though for Polish you have to log on a producer website. It is well written, with clear pictures explaining everything step by step.




In the box there is no big surprise, M9-A1 is similar size and weight to number of modern pistol replicas available on the market. It is fully made of nice mat ABS, and it seems durable. All the good effect is a bit spoiled by screws keeping both parts of a main frame. Line in between is a bit too noticable, though a similar one is noticeable on a real gun.


What is most important, the pistol feels very handy. Ergonomic shape pistol grip, similar to one from Walther P99, gives it a firm feeling. Replica is well weight-balanced.




Steyr Mannlicher M9-A1 is a non blow back series, so selectors, levers except for safety switch and mag-release are dummy because of not moving slide. Safety switch in replica is located unlike real (embedded in trigger) on the right side of a replica over trigger bow cover. Switching it from safety position works on push and slide basis, so it is unprobable to change its position by accident. Because of its placement replica seems to be more convenient to right handed users.


Real M9-A1 uses DAO trigger system, replica is copying an idea and makes it feel that a trigger adapts to shooter's finger.


No adjustments of sight is possible, but at this part there is a dummy optic fibre which eases aiming even in dusk.


White dot foresight.


If that would be not enough, thanks to RIS it is easy to attach a flashlight or laser sight.


Sights are aesthetic, though are different to those used in the real M9-A1 which goes with trapezoid backsight with white stripes instead of dots. Apart from mentioned above differences, replica is well resembling the outer look of Steyr Mannlicher M9-A1.




Replica has licenced marks of Steyr Mannlicher and a serial number. ASG AS has also put its logo and "Cal. 6mm BB" on the slide. Out of the box there is also a sticker on the frame with joul energy classification. There is no problem to remove it.


On the front of the frame below the slide, there is a convex inscription - warning in English. Font is very small and it is not too noticeable or irritating. On the other hand though it might be seen as a drawback for players keen to as much as possible realistic replicas.




Pistol runs on CO2 cartridges, which is not placed in a magazine, but inside the pistol grip. Thanks to that solution, replica from outside wouldn't have (typical for many of CO2 charged replicas) protruding pressure screw or artificially long mag, which kills the real look. On the other hand, there is no full size mag, but only a slim tube similar to those used in AEPs. To get access to CO2 cartridge, we have to remove a magazine, remove part of grip cover. To remove the cartridge you don't need any tools, it is kept inside by pressure screw which can be unscrewed by hand. Unfortunately it was made of plastic.




Mentioned above mag is not full sized, but it can load up to 14BBs in two alternate rows.


While loading, mag spring should be blocked in pressed position - it is released by small slider in the bottom of a mag.




Replica's rate of fire is not that high as blow back pistols and self-string trigger. Trigger works pretty hard, because pulling action is responsible also for reloading, but it wouldn't require too much effort. Some less exprerienced player might have some problems with shot's rupture. It needs some time to get used to this trigger. Power and muzzle velocity are impressive. Measured fps of some test shots are similar to those by producer, but our tested avarage was a bit lower. Only a few first shots showed higher muzzle velocity. Even though there is no hop-up, range is impressive as well. Some drawback worth mentioning is that on 250 taken shots during measuring fps and target practice, it shot double BB at once three times.





1. Muzzle velocity and energy

Because of high power and big fps value claimed by producer, we tested it with 0.2g BBs, 0.25g and 0.3g for comparative measures.

Avarage muzzle velocity on 0.2BB is 416fps (avarage calculated from series of close value)


Results of FPS and energy

BB weight | FPS | m/s | energy
0.2g  | 416 | 127 | 1.6J
0.25g | 415 | 126 | 1.95J
0.3g  | 395 | 120 | 2.2J


2. Accuracy and convergence on 15m and 25m

Test performed on silhouette target with A4 piece of paper (21 x 29,7 cm) placed in the centre. Shots were taken with 0.2g and 0.25g BB. Measured with tape measure. Each time 7 shots taken.


Weather: No wind, 14'C;

15m - 0.2g BB - 7/7 hits in target; 5/7 in A4

15 - 0.25g BB - 7/7 hits in target; 6/7 n A4

Spread: 10cm range.


25m - 0.2g BB - 7/7 hits in target, around and the edge of A4

25m - 0,25g BB - 7/7 hits in target, 2/7 in A4

Spread:  20-22cm range.


Replica was performing worse with 0.2g BBs. Accuracy and repeatibility was better for 0.25g BB. We recommend 0.25g while using Steyr M9-A1 replica.


3. Max and effective range.

While measuring range we took some shots on distances longer than 25m.

Effective range is about 25m, though silhouette target may be hit on bigger distance with less probability of a hit. Max range - 50m.


4. Gas usage (how many shots can be taken with one cartridge) and effectiveness (how is muzzle velocity affected with gas level)

Replica has a very low gas consumption. Using one cartridge you may take even 250 shots, ~200 were effective while later range and power were gradually going down.



Because of high muzzle velocity, Steyr Mannlicher M9-A1 made by Danish Action Sport Games AS, cannot be used in typical airsoft games, especially in CQB distances so up to 10 meters. Nevertheless, experienced and determined player might use this replica in green tactics, in bigger distance i.e. milsim games.

Replica is perfect for shooting target practice. It might be a great training weapon, or just for a recreational shootin - it is really a pleasure to shoot this pistol. Its performance is impressive, accuracy and range should satisfy any shooter.

It does not have a moving slide, but thanks to that it does not have that much moving parts which might pack up. So in my opinion it might be seen as the more reliable replica, less faulty and therefore with longer lifetime.

Differences to original include different type of safety lock and backsight, but general look is alike real M9-A1, with good quality workmanship. Licencesed marks and serial number improves realism and aesthetics. It is a pity there are some other inscriptions.

In other words: it is aesthetic and solid made replica which might give a lot of pleasure to any user.


Replica was tested thanks to - ActionSportGames:

Real Steyr Mannlicher M9-A1 photos:


Translation by Bukhart



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