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Rewolwery Dan Wesson 4'' i 8''

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Dan Wesson revolver 6mm BB replicas 4" and 8" are charged with CO2 cartridge. They are very similar in technical terms, with one big difference of barrel lenght, so two guns - one review with comparison.



Dan Wesson Firearms Co. has a long tradition in production of revolvers and interesting roots in gunsmith craftsmanship.


Ancestor of DWF founder: Daniel Wesson I was gunsmith and inventor who in cooperation with Smith started production of revolvers in 19th century, under the Smith&Wesson brand. This heritage went to sons and then grandsons. Great-grandson, Daniel Wesson II (1916-1978) has founded Wesson Firearms Co. in 1968. He became famous for his striving to achieve perfection in short firearms production, and the company motto was to give match-grade accuracy right out of the box. Wesson claimed he would never sacrifice the quality in turn for quantity.


Company became famous for wide range of revolvers including pistol packs: revolver with four-barrel set (of different lenght). Replacable barrel solution is characteristic for and patented by DWF.


Dan Wesson revolvers have an opinion of unequalled exemplar of shortarms, with awesome workmanship, accuracy and precision. DWF is particularily famous among six-shot revolver fans.


In 2000 Wesson Firearms started to output own pistol series, based on 1911, which have also received recognition for quality. In 2005 Daniel Wesson II company, stopped to act as an independent business. It became a part of CZ-USA. Ceska Zbrojovka has kept Dan Wesson brand, but paradoxically has stopped to product famous revolvers, due to as company states: high unit costs. At present CZ Corporate Group manages Dan Wesson brand for 1911 pistol series only. Today when they are not in production, Wesson Firearms Co. revolvers which are still available in secondary marke, are becoming an object of cult, a dream of many collectioners and shooters.


What's in the box

A box is standard, aesthetic and has a nice graphic design. There is a cardboard box on the top and the styrofoam secured with wrapping film on the back.


In the box, apart from a replica itself, there is manual, six BB cartridges, spring loading tool, RIS and small bag of 0.2g BBs. Manual is multilingual including English. It is clearly illustrated - step by step explaining usage and maintanance.


8” version has only one longer upper RIS.


In 4" version, there is also a short lower RIS mounted on the barrel.




Both marked with licenced Dan Wesson marks, full metal replicas by ASG AS, are in general same construction - different only by outer barrel look and lenght, and by inner barrel lenght.



After unwrapping, taking out the replica gives a nice feeling.  Both revolvers fit to hand great, grip panels made of plastic are well designed and handy. Even though grip itself seems pretty massive, even a person with a small palm should not have any problems. What is more, most of its surface has anti-slip texture which makes it even easier. Metal quality gives a nice feeling. Because of pretty high weight (8" - 1040g and 4" - 880g) it doesn't give an impression that it actually is a replica. It reminds of Dirty Harry.


Eight-incher makes an immediate impression, but so is 4" one. Shorter version brings to mind some heavy police revolvers and thanks to silver metallic look it is even better than 8" covered painted in black. Though when you grasp 8" you just can't resist not to say: "make my day" or "I know what you're thinking punk did he fire 6 shots or only 5?" or even comic style: "Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?" and to be honest, Jokers' 8" was not that good looking as DWF by ASG AS.

Of course 8" is pretty heavy in the front - which is unevitable for long barrel revolvers. It is not a replica for every player, but with all its weight, size and look, it would surely satisfy any fans of such a monster revolvers. 4" one is much better balanced. It is easier to take it out of holster and it's quick on taking shooting position.



Revolvers are available in two colour versions: black mat for 8" and silver for 4". To be honest, it would be even better to name it as silver "nickel-plated" because of it nice metallic texture.


Replicas are made precisely and in solid manner. Parts are well matched, and there are no undesirable loose ends. Though the way of fixing the barrel to a frame might be a weak spot. It is based on two, pretty fragile parts which - regarding the outer barrel weight - might result in some defect. Because of that, if to put some pressure on outer barrel, you might feel some minimal play.


Plastic part of a grip doesn't give any squeaky sound, it does not bend or get loosen at the part where CO2 cartridge is loaded. Metal surface is even and black mat texture is nice in touch. First noticed drawback would be probably black paint attrition - on the edges and any protruding parts. What is worrying that the edge of inner barrel, which is resilient to cylinder - is tearing off the paint on the front part of the cylinder when it rotates. Of course it would happen only until there is still some paint there, but there is no guarantee that such a pieces of a paint would not find its way to inner barrel. It would occur after longer usage. There is no such a problem in silver 4 inch one. On a closer look you might see some small air bubbles on it's texture, though those are really microscopic and unnoticable.

In our opinion, general look of both replicas is in high standard. To be precise it is worth mentioning some small difference - cross screws which are not used in original one. It is not terribly eye catching difference, but for some followers of "realism to the extent" it might be seen as a drawback. Safety block in replicas is same with original one. It is on the left part of a frame and it may be easily switched with a thumb of right handed person. In the middle setting revolver is live, on the back setting trigger and pulling the hammer are blocked while pushing the lever to front releases a cylinder.

Both revolvers have adjustable rearsight. Right screw adjusts left and right and top screw changes up-down position. It is possible to mount scope on upper RIS in both revolvers.



To mount RIS rail, it is necessary to remove rearsight, then just slide it to desirable position, and firm it with two screws.


Lower RIS in 4" revolver is just slided on the barrel and then firmed with just one screw. It gives some space to mount a flashlight or lasersight. There is no lower RIS mounting possible in 8" version (rounded barrel).




Each replica has an individual serial number. Apart from that, barrel and  grip panels have licensed Dan Wesson marks.



On the right side of the frame there is also ASG AS logo and "Cal. 6mm BB" emblem. Apart from that you may find joul energy stickers, easy to remove.








Each cartridge has Dan Wesson marks on the bottom. Cartridge is made of metal with rubber front where 1 BB is loaded. In the box there is a loading tool, which clips cartridges by twisting it on the end. It is suppose to help loading cartridges in the cylinder: when you place cartridges in the cylinder pushing the loading tool would result in the cartridges release.


Unfortunately revolver construction and in particular grip size, does not make this process any easier. Manual cartridge loading piece by piece, is as fast as it is. Nevertheless loading tool is an interesting gadget and since loading tools with spare cartridges are available on the market, having a few of them ready to load, might really quicken loading process. Loading tool + 6 cartridges set is available in ASG AS current offer.




CO2 cartridge fits completely inside a grip. To load a cartridge, move backwards grip panel. Plastic made cartridge pressure screw might become a drawback, it seems to be uncertain about its durability. It is hard to say if such a movement of a grip panel might result in wearing down. Both elements would be moved frequently while using a replica. Whole grip panel might be easily taken off - so maybe there would be some custom panels available on the market later, which would help to personalize it.




Shooting both revolvers, is loads of fun.

First of all: climate. Sound is unexpectedly loud in comparison to any other gas replicas we had. It almost gives an impression of a real bang. Reloading cartridges has also some relish. It is not a gun for any grumbler who would comment on a price of cartridges, how unconvenient that is and how long does reloading takes. It all just is why some people just loves revolvers.

Second: taking six shots might be very quick, thanks to double action trigger-hammer. Of course manual pulling the hammer would result in much more precise aiming. Trigger action and cylinder is very smooth. It is not too hard and only some inept shooter may drop a shot if tired after longer time practice. It is just right, trigger resists a bit, but it does not get you tired easily.

At last: seeing BB straight and accurate in such a range is priceless.

Revolver gives a nice heavy feeling. During tests we have realised that 4" was taking it a bit to the right, and 8" a bit to the left, but it was instantly corrected by small rearsight adjustments. Of course, long revolver might get you tired after some time, but it is just not important in comparison to pleasure of "perforating" a target with this monster.

Neither one would be really useful during typical airsoft games. On distance 25-30 meters, taking a hit is comparable to taking one from AEG but in short range it just should not be used for game purposes.



Do not use it at home. Muzzle velocity and its power during tests were frequently exceeding values by producer. Even though it ha no Hop Up system, range is impressive - which you may see clearly in the test results.


1. Muzzle velocity and power

Because of high power and high fps values by producer we have decided to test it with 0.2g, 0.25g and 0.3g BBs for comparison.

Both revolvers were tested several dozen measuring shots and what was our guess: it is typical for gas charged replicas, that recurrence is unstable. Muzzle velocity differed a lot: after loading it with new CO2 cartridge a few or even a dozen or so shots measured with 550 and even over 650fps. It is same for 8" and 4" version. After this high velocity shots, muzzle velocity was pretty stable with +/- 10 fps difference.

Because of that, we take only stable shot series into test consideratio. We present rounded values, so fps value may not exactly be adjacent to joul energy value.


Avarage for 0.2BB

8” -  0.2BB ~530fps,  2.4J.
4” - 0.2BB ~ 440fps,  2J.


0.2g, 0.25g and 0.3g BBs


8" version
BB weight - FPS -  meters per second - power

0.2g - 530fps - 160m/s - 2.4J
0.25g -  460fps - 140m/s - 2.45J
0.3g - 440fps - 134m/s - 2.7J


4" version
BB weight - FPS -  meters per second - power
0.2g - 440fps - 140m/s - ~2J
0.25g - 410fps - 126m/s - 2J
0.3g - 390fps - 118m/s - 2.09J


2. Accuracy and convergence test in 15m and 25m distance.

Test performed on silhouette target with A4 piece of paper (21 x 29,7 cm) placed in the centre. Shots were taken with 0.25g and 0.3g BB. Measured with tape measure. Each time 6 shots taken.


Weather: No wind, 14'C;


Revolvers has given 6/6 hits in corpus and 3/6 - 4/6 hits in A4 rectangle. In 15m distance convergence was about 10cm circle, while 25m distance convergence was enclosing in 25cm circle (closest 4 hots were in 20cm circle).

Both BB weights has given similar results, though 0.3g has resulted in more stable recurrence and precision. So using 0.25g BBs would give good results though we would recommend 0.3g BB along with those replicas.


3. Max and effective range.

While measuring range we took some shots on distances longer than 25m. We have pursued some target shooting in distance of 30m to specify max range.

Effective range for both of replicas is as high as 30m but hitting a silhouette target is possible in longer distances but with less probability. Hitting a silhouette target on 30 meters seems to be no problem - neither with 8" nor with 4" version. Tests prooved 6/6 hits at this range.


Max range for 4" is 40m.

Max range for 8" is 50m.


4. Gas usage (how many shots can be taken with one cartridge) and effectiveness (how is muzzle velocity affected with gas level)

Both revolvers can shoot almost the same number of shots per one CO2 cartridge: ~120 (from which 60-70 is effective, and later range and accuracy was gradually going down.

Values which have been measured in the end of CO2 cartridge prooves that power is significantly affected, though it is still high with even 350 fps.



Dan Wesson Firearms 4" and 8" by Danish Action Sport Games AS are truly excellent and extraordinary replicas. Just its size, weight and workmanship quality makes a huge impression. Power and effective range predestine them as perfect shooting target practice weapons. Unfortunately their characteristic makes them not very useful in most of airsoft games. For sure some LARP fans would see them as a prop of dreams.

We hope that a green gas version would be also available soon. Perfect workmanship, licensed marks and individual serial number might result in collecting value.


The airsoft gun was tested thanks to ActionSportGames from Denmark:



The airsoft exclusive owner of trademark rights and gun shape of:


Real DWF photos:


Translated by Bukhart



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