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Theta Optics (#1) - kolimatory otwarte

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With the courtesy of Gunfire we have obtained the package of Theta Optics red dot sights and scopes. This brand has been freshly introduced to the market and according to producer's announcements, it's quality does not yield to premium brands. Optics are followed with slogan "Clear view on your battlefield", what may suggests, we are to witness clean and lucid view on a target. Redaction has conducted the earnest test to verify all the producer's promises. The first in the line are open red dot sights. Please check this out.


Theta Optics Model RIS OPEN 






The package



It consists of white carton inner box and hard, black textured cover, where esthetic slate label is sticked. The package is manufactured differently than in the case of other products. Picture does not show described sight and on the sides there is no technical features or descriptions. The only information present on the box are producer name, distributor's code and importer data. Entity is well protected with foam stencil. It should be noted, that the sight is put in the box vertically not horizontally.



Inside we can find:

- the sight;

- CR2032 battery;

- hex key to adjust and mount the sight;

- manual in English being parallelly mini-catalogue of available products;

- blue microfibre cloth for cleaning the glass.


Outer manufacture

Presented model Theta Optics RIS Open is not a copy of any popular reflex sights. For ones it may be a disadvantage, but for the others it may be considered as an advantage, with accordance to it's unconventional look. Nonethless, the sight is made really high-quality and the whole construction is painted precisely - there is no a single damp patch or uneven surface. On the left side of the mount placed nice engraved white logo of Theta OpticsOn the glass ring we can find integrated double rails, what lets to install there another accessories like the flashlight or laser.




The switch is made in esthetic way. Turning it on and off is marked with clear and obvious click. Selector positions are marked both with appropriate colors (green and red) and English abbreviations: R and G. Selected option is signed with white engraved dot. Brightness of the dot is definet with the wideness of the line on the knob. Correspondingly with the volume one - the wider, the brighter.



Aiming point. In the rear part of the device we got access to the lever with 4 options of aiming point. We can choose between cross with a circle and a dot, corss, circle with dot and a classic dot. Leer works with desirable resistance and each change causes clear click. The aiming point possess clear "ghost effect".



Glass. As in other Theta Optics products, here it also got mirror reflections. The size of a lens is remarkable. It causes in this model we can obtain the highest light penetrability. The lens gently distorts and reflects the view. Also from the shooter's side.

Regulation knobs are usual hex keys. They got no covers.



Weight is 170 grams. In connection with wide angle of view it gives very good result


The usage



The possibility of switching the shape of an aiming point is a nice surprise. For us the most ceonvenient and useful one was the circle witha dot inside, prior to it's universality.



The sight itself made the best impression among tested devices. Aiming point is the clearest and the brightest here. Some untypical problem may appear while using it darker locations - then each aiming point apart from the dot, even at the lowest option is simply to bright and gets blurred.



On the lens at the eye side appears the huge "ghost effect", supported with light reflecting from the glass. It causes discomfort while aiming and distracts the shooter. The sight mount is not a state-of-the-art technology, nonetheless simple hexes are warranty of stability and "holding zero".



RIS monunt fits troublelessly at the majority of Chinese and premium replicas - GFC, DBOYS, VFC, WE and G&G. Dot adjustment is possible on the entire surface of the lens and cause no problems. Sight was tested on the GBB replica as well, however we didn't spot a single trace of loosing the setting or turinng off the device during the shooting.





Model Red Dot Sight Open 





The package



The sight is delivered to us in the box manufactured identically in the same way as in the case of Micro one. Inside we have found:

- The sight with lens cover;

- CR2032 battery;

- hex key for adjusting the aiming point and the mount;

- cloth for lens cleaning;

- manual in both Polish and English.




Outer manufacturing

The sight is made in a very good manner. Entity is covered with plain black paint, powder way. We did not spot any major blemishes of this part of the sight. Polymer has been moulded correctly, with no redundant surpluses or breaks. On the mount, at thr right side there is engraved nice white Theta Optics logo.




This model is a copy of Reflex sight, however it's not the exact replica - there are some differences in the mount screws positions. They are placed on the left instead of the right side. The colimator got rubber lens cover, where spillovers are visible, nonetheless it works and still looks a lot better than plastic cover known from MICRO model. Thanks to more precise manufacturing it holds the lens ring tighter.




The switch

Is made aesthetically. Turning the device on and off, switching the color of a dot and other oprations are marked with clear and sensible click. Knob positions are signed with colors (green, red) and English abbreviations of R and G. Everything works similar as in OPEN RIS model. Marking the brightness of aiming point clearly from 1 to 5 is the only change according to former model.



Aiming point

Is placed in the rear side of the device. It's the lever with 4 options of aiming point shape. We can choose between cross with circle and dot, cross, circle with dot and classic dot. The lever works wih sensible resistance and wach change of the setting causes clear click. Aiming point got visible "ghost effect".



The lens. As in each Theta Optics products, here as well we have experienced silver mirror reflections. Despite some similarities with OPEN RIS model, this sight does not have such a clear view through the optics. More narrow rlens ring causes less visible contrast between surroundings and the view. The lens causes minor distortions and reflections - also on the shooter's side.

Knobs are simple hex keys with no additional covers.




Weight is only 110 grams, so it's the second lightest of colimators tested in here, what got very slight influence on replica's weighting.




The usage



Similarly, as in the case of RIS OPEN we got a possibility of selecting the shape of aiming point. Again, the circle with a dot occured to be our favourite.



It also got the second best impression after RIS OPEN. Aiming point is the clearest and the brightest here. As previoulsy, here we also got a problem with using the sight in darker locations. All the shapes apart from classic dot are too bright even at the lowest setting and cause significant blur. On the side of the shooter, lens causes the "ghost effect" supported with light reflexes, what unfrotunately causes discomfort during aiming.



2-Image00029.jpgMount is analogic to RIS OPEN. Again, it fits on the majority of Chinese and premium replicas  - GFC, DBOYS, VFC, WE, G&G. Adjusting the aiming point is possible on the entire surface of the lens and causes no problems. The sight was tested on GBB replica as well and we have observed no problems with self turning off or changing adjustments during shooting.




Theta Optics Model Red Dot Sight MICRO 





The package


1-IMG_2820.jpgWe get the sight in esthetic box made of one-way carton with the picture of given sight and it's name. On ths sides we can find detailed features of the colimator and short description both in English and Polish, what was pretty fine supprise by the way. Features contains every information regarding power source, weight, color and the dot regulations.



Inside we can find foam stencil, that solidly secures box contents:

- sight with the shield,

- CR2032 battery

- hex key for dot adjustment

-hex key for disassembling the sight from the mount in order to replace the battery

- cloth for cleaning the glass

- folding mannual for this model in English

- additional scope manual in Polish and English


Outer manufacture

This model is a copy of DOCTER® Sight II Plus reflex sight, however it's not the exact replica. It does not posses the markings of real steel version, just Theta logo hidden on the bottom. Moreover it's window got slightly different shape. Glass ring is not screwed right-angled and slightly falls towards the sight front making the impression of poorly adjusted.





The sight is manufactured correctly, nonetheless, the way it's painted leaves a lot to be desired. Paint is layed unevenly, in some places damp patches are visible, what influences unaesthetic appearance of the sight. For the whole time of conducting this test, we had an impression TAN version is quickly modified BLACK one. Moreover, the shield is made of black plastic painted tan, not originally manufactured in such color.



Switch got 3 positions: red, off, green. It locks with clear click.

Aiming point in the form of green and red dot got no possibility of adjusting the brightness. Dot got gentle "ghost effect".

Glass got silver, mirror reflections with a bit of violet. It's not the perfect optics, among every models we have tested this one distorts, shades and reflects (also from the shooters side) view the most.

Adjustment wheels are usual hex keys with no covers.

Weight is 50 grams only, what does not influence the comfort of replica uasge.




The usage

We got 3 above-mentioned selector positions in our disposal. The power is not too impressive, so using this sight in the field is rather problematic. It's hard to use the dot as an aiming point even during the cloudy days. Red dot seems to be totally useless here. Green is visible, however barely, what makes quick aiming hardly possible. According to this, Red Dot Sight MICRO not really makes a job as such construction is designed - on a scope or a sidearm.



Horizontal adjustment covers all the glass surface. Unfortunately, during setting the aiming point with a hex key, it's impossible to hear or feel any "clicks". Vertical adjustment is even less pleasant. When set too high - dot is visible only after unnatural very low angle of looking through the sight. RIS mount fits trouble-free the majority of Chinese and premium replicas - GFC, DBOYS, VFC, WE or G&G. Sight was tested on the GBB replica as well and we haven't spot any lacks of dot stability during the shooting or self turning off.




The Summary

Theta Optics open sights performed well in our test. Only the MICRO model made it poor comparing to other products of the brand and similar ones available on the market. However, producer assures, Theta Optics devices evolve constantly and it can be assumed, that after obtaining the feedback from airsoft society this model will be fixed.

Outer manufacturing of two remaining ones - Open RIS and Red Dot is estimated very high and equals premium brands products.It is worth to eliminate reflexes on the shooter's side. Optics commercialized with the slogan „Clear view on Your battlefield” should put special effort on clear view on the target. Nonetheless, both colimators are pretty fine for us. They are aolidly made, painting is resistant, aiming point is bright and the price is reasonable, remaining competitive comparing to competitors' products.

Taking everything into account, we can voldly recommend you new reflex sights by Theta Optics. They outstand from the crowd with friendly price and good quality, especially when compared to Chinese products. The best price/quality ratio belongs to to Red Dot Sight Open (THO-KOL-201-BLK).


We have tested Theta Optics sight with the courtesy of



The end of part one, but not the last! Soon, at we will test tube sights!



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