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IWA 2018: ciekawostki z ACETECH, ASP i Warwolf Airsoft

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At the ASP booth an interesting replica was the AEG version of the FAL rifle with a front made using the KeyMod mounting system.






Three new versions of AR-15 have also been presented:


The last one differs from the original Systema PTW by having a programmable trigger, which will allow for bursts between 2 to 15 BBs. Additional cylinder sets, according to ASP, are be compatible with the parts made by Systema. The carbines have fronts with the KeyMod or M-Lok mounting system and have a length of 5" and 12". The inner barrel is 6.03 mm in diameter.




Another interesting product were the replicas pf the SVD and SVU sniper rifles. Both have the M-Lok system fronts and the SVD receiver cover had a RIS rail. The SVD rifle has an AR-15 type stock guide.




We have also visited the booth of ACETECH company. It is a new enterprise which has as a range of products similar to Xcortech, which is not a coincidence. As we found out, the over of the company is a former technologist of Xcortech, who is now creating his own brand as he was not satisfied with the way his formed employee was developing. The company offers such products as silencer that illuminate BBs, programmable targets, or a fake silencer that gathers data from the user's replica (fps, rps etc.). There is also a whole series of chronographs. ACETECH products are already available on our market and many people do not realize that their quality is at least on par with products of Xcortech, and the prices are slightly lower. 



The last booth we visited belonged to WarWolf Airsoft.




The company presented their own conversion system for gas powered replicas which allows to change a Green Gas powered replica into one powered by a Green Gas tank, under the condition that the Green Gas tank's thread is compatible with the system.





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