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SVD by E&L is comming

SVD by E&L is comming

SVD by E&L is comming

On its Facebook profile, the manufacturer showed first photos of a traditional, wooden, hand guard and a butt stock of the SVD, aka the Dragunov sniper rifle. A questionnaire was published asking fans of the brand what should propel the BBs in the SVD. For now, twice as many votes are for an AEG then a GBB. We will follow this topic and will keep you updated.

E&L is a subsidiary of the China South Industries Group. Their replicas, especially those from the AK family, immediately bring to mind associations with real firearms. No wonder, as the company is closely related to the Chinese arms industry. Senior airsoft players probably remember an SVD replica by Real Sword. Will the SVD from E&L be equally well made? It is possible, because the nature of both companies is similar.



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