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New products in January at Taiwangun

New products in January at Taiwangun

New products in January at Taiwangun

Since the beginning of the year, several interesting items have appeared on the offer. Airsoft snipers will be pleased with the news about the appearance of BLS BBs weighing 0.48 g and 0.50 g. The material from which the heavier BBs are were made has been enriched with a stainless steel powder. The BB is therefore less plastic and more magnetic at the same time. This means that the BBs can sow real destruction. BBs come in packs a 1000 pieces.

Gas by Guarder has also appeared in the store's offer. It is recommended for brand name replicas. The gas formula ensures proper lubrication and stable power of shots. The gas pressure is slightly lower than other available gases on the market, so you can safely use it with replicas which have a polymer slide .

Fans of CQB games should be interested in the new APS stock. The CRS (Collapsible Rifle Stock) is dedicated to AEG replicas from the AR-15 family compatible with the TM system.

Taiwangun has also extends its offer of handguns with products by the Taiwanese manufacturer HFC. Those are an M9 pistol in three colors variants, an unusual variation of the Colt 1911 and a Desert Eagle.





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