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Goodbye UCP!
Goodbye UCP!

Goodbye UCP!

Goodbye UCP!
Goodbye UCP!

According to Internet sources, today is the last day US soldiers (US ARMY) and sailors (US NAVY) will use "popular" blue-gray-navy blue uniforms in UCP and NWU Type 1 camouflage. 



Adopted in 2004, the Universal Combat Pattern camouflage pattern matched any particular environment, except perhaps your grandmother's couch, as seen in this famous photo below. The camouflage has also been sarcastically called the ICU (I see you!).

93607ce33cc798b294a16507e131157e.jpgFortunately for soldiers, the US army finally got the right conclusions and replaced the UCP with the OCP pattern, wich colors and shapes are extremely similar to the MultiCam pattern by Crye Precision, whose colors and shapes provide much better overall camouflage.



To not be inferior, the US Navy adopted a new camouflage pattern and new uniform cut in 2008, replacing the uniformly blue ones. The new NWU Type 1 Navy uniform had a pixelated camouflage pattern similar to the USMC pattern, but with blue, navy blue and gray colors. These colors and pattern were used to hide paint and other stains on the uniform. Instead, it turned out that uniforms could make it difficult to find a sailor who would accidentally fell overboard. Like the army, the navy has also created new designs. Type II is for desert, and Type III for forest environments. The NWU Type III is now a standard uniform issued to new recruits.
a7a586d8b42bad54acb07b0fa616494d.jpgThe Marines started a pixel revolution in camouflage in the US military and seem to be quite happy with their Woodland and Desert MARPAT camos. The Air Force has also joined the "party" with the pixel version of the Tigerstripe camouflage, but they are now going to switch to the OCP, together with the army.

Sources: hyperstealth.com, soldiersystems.net



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