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A visit to SVRN - a Polish manufacturer of firearms
A visit to SVRN - a Polish manufacturer of firearms

A visit to SVRN - a Polish manufacturer of firearms

A visit to SVRN - a Polish manufacturer of firearms
A visit to SVRN - a Polish manufacturer of firearms

Suveren Small Arms Poland is a combination of AK and AR from Radom brands, belonging to the PA-KO Group company which deals in the sale of firearms and military surplus equipment. The brand debuted on February 1, 2019 at the ShootingPRO trade expo in Poznań. Its past, however, goes back to the Pioneer Arms Corporation (PAC) that was initially selling AK carbines based on surplus parts from military warehouses, and then produced them almost independently from scratch.





After the success of the Polish AK rifles in the form of Sporter (standard) and Hellpup (shortened) models in several accessory versions, the AK from Radom brand was supplemented, in mid-September 2018 with the AR-15 (PAC15) rifles in five length variants and a classic version resembling the M16A3. The AR-15 from Radom, like the AK, were well received in Polish market and it looks like they are systematically bought out from stores, thanks to their opinion of a fairly solid weapon at a reasonable price. Many also argue that, even if something breaks down, it's easier to go to Radom than to opt for a warranty procedure arranged through a distributor with a manufacturer from overseas.


The creation of Suveren Small Arms Poland is aimed at consolidating projects instead of creating a separate brand for each subsequent type of product introduced to the offer. With the appearance of SVRN on the market, the first presentation of the PAC-9 CC carbines, firing pistol ammunition, the PAC9 semi-automatic pistols based on the Glock design but with an aluminum frames, as well as the PAC911, i.e. 1911 clones chambered for the 9 x 19 mm round, took place.

The lastest small arms in the SVRN offer is the PAC10, i.e. the AR-10 adapted for the 7.62 x 51 mm ammunition with an 18/20-inch barrel. This model is intended for precision shooting and is to appear in the standard and improved versions, for more demanding users. Their prototypes look very promising.



Currently, the works on an enriched version of the PAC15 are nearing its end. As we have learned, the premiere of the PAC15 Gen. II will take place on November 11, although we do not know whether the ban on carrying firearms planned for that day will not affect the event. The Gen. II is an improved version of the first series. The improved parts, among others, are the trigger and charging handle. It is also possible that there will be a gas piston driven version available in the future, but we will have to wait to confirm this information.




The company also introduced to its offer a set of cleaning agents for weapons under the same brand.


It is also worth noting that buyers of weapons from the SVRN brand receive free shooting training conducted by Mateusz Kanigowski, who is more commonly known as DTF - Designed To Fight.

Collectors of weapons and enthusiasts of surplus equipment will certainly be interested in the information that in the SVRN store you can still buy civil-adapted military surplus weapons, which were never used, i.e. the Classic line. The offer includes: P38 pistols , PM63 - RAK SMGs, PPS 43 SMGs, PPS 43/52 SMGs, PPSh 41 SMGs, as well as Tantal rifles and carbines, AKM, AKMS, AKMŁ, AK GN 60, AK GN 60/72 carbines, RPKS, RPD (RKM-D), RKM DP, SG-43 machine guns. Our first purchases at SVRN have broadened the AKMS editorial collection. This is certainly not our last visit to this company!




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