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Crossman full-auto airguns

Crossman full-auto airguns

The Crossman Full Auto Series family has hit the market of compressed gas powered weapons replica. For now, it consists of one carbine and one pistol, under the simple names Crosman R1 Rifle and Crosman P1 Pistol. The information would not be interesting if it wasn't for the fact that both designs were equipped with a full-auto function, which is not necessarily a common feature ... of airguns.

The R1 Rifle carbine is powered by two standard CO2 capsules holding 12 grams of compressed gas. Shots are feed from a detachable magazine that holding 25 of them. The rate of fire of the replica based on the AR-15 system is up to 1,400 shots per minute. The muzzle velocity given by the manufacturer is 430 fps. Interestingly, this value can be changed using a gas regulator.

The carbine is equipped with a six-position telescopic exchangeable stock with accessories for a real firearm. Pistol grips from designed for real carbines will also fit. The handguard is monolithic, with four long sections of Picatinny rails. The R1 has a recoil simulation system with a moving "bolt carrier". The set includes a red dot sight resembling the Russian Pilad P1x42 model. The R1 Rifle is compatible with a standard 4.5 mm BB shot.

The P1 Pistol, in turn, is designed as a hybrid between the Beretta 92 and 84 models. This replica also gives the user the choice between single and full-auto fire. It is done by changing the position of the fire selector placed on both sides of the frame in its rear part, just below the slide.

The gun is powered by one CO2 capsule generating 400 fps, and the magazine holds 19 shots. The rate of fire in automatic mode is a slightly more reasonable value of 850 shots per minute. The slide moves with every shot, and the set comes with an underbarrel laser sight.



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