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MSPO2017: Mundur w MAPA propozycją dla Wojska Polskiego

30.08.2017Author: RegdornComments: 49

#DalekiZwiad donosi. Podczas tegorocznych targów MSPO w Kielcach zaprezentowany zostanie mundur w nowym, polskim kamuflażu MAPA.

#DalekiZwiad: MAPA podczas MSPO 2017

During this year's MSPO fair in Kielce, which will mark its 25th anniversary, PGZ will present a new uniform as part of a broader project called Integrated Weapons and Equipment Carrying System "Dromader". The new uniform was made using much discussed. modern, Polish MAPA camo pattern. Maskpol is the company responsible for conducting the project.

It it widely believed that a few dozen of sets of uniforms together with tactical gear, all using the new camo pattern, will be delivered for testing to units of light infantry, specifically to the Territorial Defense formations.



The design of the MAPA camo by dr Maciej Dojlitko, about which be informed you on a regular basis, was also printed on a laminate, but currently there are no detail available about the technology of the material used.

You can read more about the MAPA project HERE.

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