Special discounts during 5.11 Tactical days

10.05.2019Author: RegdornComments: 0

In 5.11 Tactical stores around the world, special promotional campaigns are being organized every year.

Until May 12, an annual sale takes place at 5.11 Tactical. As part of the 5.11 Days campaign, customers have the opportunity to do shopping with a 20% discount. They can also count on additional attractions. In Poland, Kisiel takes part in the campaign, which simultaneously promotes his book "Trzynaście moich lat w JW GROM" (My thirteen years in JW GROM). The official stores with the 5.11 Tactical offer in Poland are:

- 4tactical.pl  (Lublin, PREMIUM DEALER)

- LS Targetum (Warszawa, STANDARD DEALER)

- militarymarket.pl (Poznań, STANDARD DEALER)

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