AK-12 at the Victory Day parade

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During the Moscow parade, one could see the new weapon of the Russian army.

The AK-12 Russian carbine, which has recently been talked about a lot both in the world of firearms and airsoft, was presented to the Russian taxpayers and the rest of the world during the annual Victory Day parade.

On May 9, the Russians celebrate the defeat of Nazi Germany and triumph in the Great Patriotic War. This is naturally an opportunity to present the power of the Russian army and new acquisitions in its arsenal.

According to the news, one could see AK-12 carbines with underslung grenade launchers, most likely GP-34, and collimator sights that look like Valday PK-120 in the hands of soldiers.

In addition to the AK-12, the soldiers also paraded with AK-200 series carbines equipped with Dedal DK-9 type sights.

A skilled eye could also see SKS rifles, which, although still also used by honor guard units of the Polish Army, they are slowly being replaced by our own GROT carbines.

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