MAWL module in the USAF arsenal

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The MAWL laser module debuts in the US Air Force

The MAWL®-X1 high power infrared laser and targeting module has been added to the USAF Small Arms Accessories List. The MAWL is available to soldiers (pilots) of Special Tactics, Combat Control Team, Tactical Air Control Party, Combat Rescue, Special Reconnaissance and Combat Weather Squadrons.

703 MAWL®-X1 units were purchased by the USAF and are the latest equipment introduced into the US Armed Forces.

Designed for use with individual carbines and crew served weapons, the MAWL®-X1 is a military version of the B.E. Meyers & Company MAWL modules. The MAWL®-X1 modular system consists of three interchangeable elements (head, body and end-cap), which can be configured for right- or left-handed shooters, as well as individually exchanged or modernized to increase versatility.

The MAWL®-X1 uses VCSEL technology to provide better beam quality and clarity. Pre-set convergence and beam output allow shooters to quickly switch between short range (CQB), medium range and long range settings in less than a second.

Source: soldiersystems.net, thefirearmblog.com

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