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Rękawiczki Mechanix Wear

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Hats, scarves and gloves are back in the closet. Spring is here and the last thing that we would think of is thicker clothing. But there are certain elements of equipment that we don’t take off for an entire year.

Airsoft is a specific hobby (sport) – It can be played with minimum expenses for a replica, BB’s and an elegant tracksuit but also with costs reaching thousands of zloty, annually.

Most of us are somewhere in the middle. Nonetheless, there are certain elements of airsoft gear that are not worth saving money on and professional grade items are chosen instead (for example, very popular among players, Bolle X-series goggles).

An increasing popularity of airsoft sprouts a growing amount of accessories, including gloves. Being able to find yourself in all this stuff takes a considerable amount of time for reading, browsing and trying on. What makes it worse is that gloves are a personal item – some people like one model, some people prefer a different one. From personal experience I know that, when picking your first set of gloves, every information or opinion is worth a million.

Some time ago, Xie wrote about gloves from a Danish company ActionSportGames, known for a wide array of airsoft equipment. Today I’d like to present a few models manufactured by Mechanix Wear.


What do we need gloves for?

Airsoft – a minimum kit includes nothing but goggles and something to shoot. A simple spring pistol is enough. However we quickly realize that a uniform (camouflaged), decent goggles and a reliable replica are not mere gadgets, but significant improvements to our battlefield efficiency. Although at first gloves might seem as not important, they are not a gadget and sooner or later (rather sooner) we will buy a set. A second or third set we will purchase more knowingly, driven by experience gained by using the previous one. Their main purposes are:

<ul> <li>

Obvious protective purpose – first of all gloves are there to protect. Good gloves protect from:

<ul> <li>BB hits – Main purpose. Being hit in the fingers and nails from a stock replica tends to be painful. It’s not a tragedy, there won’t be any permanent damage but it’s definitely unpleasant. Especially during the winter, when our hands are frozen, it can lead to a few minutes of foul language.</li> </ul> <ul> <li>Additionally, during fighting inside buildings, when our hands “go in” first or they are generally in front of us and the shooting distances are smaller, gloves provide us with mental comfort. Regardless of the terrain or weather, BB’s will be coming our way, so proper protection of fingers and of the back of the hand is an airsoft gloves’ basic feature.</li> <li>Plants, terrain – rarely do we shoot on a football field or in a completed building. More likely we will be fighting in wooded areas (often densely overgrown), forts, old buildings and constructions, ravines and bushes – places where replica limited range won’t be an issue and our game will be interesting. A protection from elements sticking out of the buildings, rebars, window remains, broken bottles, sharp brick fragments, thorns, trees or just plain branches, is essential.</li> <li>Weather – rain, snow, mud, heat or cold. Airsoft gloves rarely protect from cold - meaning less than 20 degrees centigrade. On the other side it’s important that the material was “breathable” in a 40 degree heat.</li> </ul> </li> <li>

Important camouflage – here it’s simple. Bare hands in contrast to dark woods “glow” and attract attention. Not as badly as forearms or arms in general, but when standing by a tree a hand is perfectly visible with dark bark in the background. What’s interesting is that gloves are mostly manufactured in olive green or black but there are pretty much no models in camouflage. Mechanix as one of the few manufacturers, offers their products not only in coyote, desert but also in woodland pattern

</li> <li>

Firm grip – well, it may not be an important factor, but during an event I was plagued by an M4 stock pistol grip. The thickened bump below the middle finger on the grip was painfully rubbing against my palm. Naturally, the case is different with other replicas, but the thing is – sometimes a glove covered with an anti-skid material becomes useful. Especially grips on G36 and MP5 have a tendency to wear down and (when wet) become slippery.

</li> <li>

Precision is also valuable – whether we can operate a cellphone, radio, pouches, buckles or a fire selector.

</li> <li>

Comfort is surely of no less importance. Anyone who “lived” in a glove for a day or two knows what I’m talking about. Gloves must quickly and comfortably put on and take off. It’s best if we can take them off using our teeth and put them on by holding the glove against our body. Naturally, gloves cannot excessively rub or be too hot, or too light.

</li> </ul>



Mechanix Wear is a worldwide leader in production of gloves used in extremely rough, dangerous conditions that demand utmost precision at the same time. Mechanix Wear’s offer is designed for protection mostly for car mechanics (Nascar, F1, Dakar), drivers, construction workers and engineers working in extreme conditions as well as emergency workers and military personnel.

Mechanix gloves are greatly resistant products designed to provide comfort and protection but most of all, practical usage. They come reinforced in spots mostly susceptible to damage and elastic in places that require so. For a firm grip, they are covered with anti-skid materials (for example on fingertips).

For interested – an impressive photo gallery on Mechanix Wear’s website.


Range of models

Mechanix Wear produces a wide range of models. In their offer we will find items designed for sportsmen (racecar drivers), industrial workers (ironworkers), all sorts of mechanics and, of course, tactical models designed for the military. It’s easy to guess, individual product lines differ in used materials (anti skid, protective surfaces) and certain solutions (reinforcements, knuckles and wrist protection). The best way to figure it out is by price. The product range is wide, the cheapest gloves we can buy for less than 100PLN but we can also spend a few hundred.


The company’s offer is described by two things:

<ol> <li>

each model was designed for some purpose and emphasis was put on something while designing

</li> <li>

invariably high quality, durability and advanced materials is what makes the offer stand out

</li> </ol>


An attractive design is also expressed in the price. Like I said, Mechanix directs it’s products at clients with thicker wallets. I was interested in more basic models, that can be used in airsoft and that can be found in the cheaper segment of Mechanix’ offer.

Two models that I found the most interesting underwent intensive six month battlefield tests in snow, rain and even in the darkness ;) The models are Impact Pro and MRT 2. As for other models I limited myself to only trying them on, short usability tests and thorough visual inspection. This was due to a fact that the “neighboring” models are fairly similar to each other and the only difference is construction details and cosmetics. I have described there differences each time.





FastFit opens the product range. They are light gloves designed to be carried inside a pocket(pouch) and to be put on from time to time (when we don’t like gloves yet need to put them every now and then), Instead of traditional velcro closure they come with a double puller and a shallow, slightly extended cuff makes putting them on much easier.

The inside is made of a soft material, and the outside and the cuff are made of an elastic, light fabric (spandex). The fingertips are reinforced with an additional layer of material and cuff rims are edged with artificial leather.

The gloves can be rolled and put inside a pistol mag pouch and that’s their advantage. Their flaw is lack of further advantages. There is no protective panels and the lack of a velcro closure gives an impression that the glove will slide off.

These gloves are not really meant for airsoft. Their smaller price (compared to other Mechanix products) doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheap when compared to china made counterparts.




Available colors: woodland pattern (brown), woodland pattern (classic), coyote, cover (black).


Originals are the simplest, basic model. The back of the glove is made of elastic spandex, the inside is made a soft material and the sides - lycra. The gloves have no reinforced parts, no panels and the and have a single layer of material.

As opposed to FastFit, Original cover the wrist and have a velcro closure. Elastic materials and adjustable closure are a comfy thing, the gloves fit well regardless of size (within their size range). However, putting them on can be hard (the material requires some stretching).

This model has no extra gadgets. Mechanix offers it in multiple colors (coyote, camo, black). It also has distinctive trinkets on the wrist.

They are very light which makes them not so durable. In my opinion a single layer of soft material on the inside will wipe off quickly. A piece of broken glass should be enough to cause a cut.

The overall quality and attractive image are this model’s advantages. Flaws – no protective panels and petite finishing of the palm. This gloves are good for occasional shooting but I wouldn’t risk an encounter with a rose bush. It’s a good choice for someone who cares mainly about having camo gloves, doesn't necessarily want to spend too much money and, at the same time. doesn’t crawl through mud and rubble.



Impact Pro

Impact Pro attract attention. An aggressive design, rubber panels, black netting and red, and yellow details make an impression. Already at first glance this model differs in structure from the Original. From last October, on an average of 6 times a month, it underwent six months of field testing in rain, snow, mud, in CQB and in the woods.

The gloves are made of a rather thick (1.5mm) elastic netting, underlined with a thinner, elastic fabric. The top of the glove lacks that layer which is supposed to improve air circulation in hot weather. The inside is made out of a thick material, much thicker than the one used in Original. Additionally, the gloves have:


<ul> <li>

reinforcements on index, middle and ring fingers, and on the thumb, made of a very strong and flexible material

</li> <li>

the protective panel on the palm is made of the same material

</li> <li>

a cushioning panel on lower palm (closer to the wrist)

</li> <li>

rubber panels that cover the top of the hand and partially the fingers

</li> <li>

rubber panels that protect the endings on index, middle and ring fingers

</li> <li>

a slit on the wrist that facilitates putting the glove on, covered with an extra layer of material

</li> </ul>


Impact Pro are solid made, light summer gloves that provide decent protection.

The materials used are thick and the stitching is double. The rubber panels provide an excellent protection from BB’s. The only flaw these gloves have is the incomplete protection of the areas most often hit by BB’s but it’s not that annoying since it would take a lot of bad luck to be hit in a spot that is not reinforced. The cushioning panel is great. Especially on wet and cold days – propping yourself against the ground or a wet, rough concrete is not a problem. The gloves dry up very fast due to their light structure.

After six months of intensive usage, another flaw has come up – the spots where the netting interconnects or is connected with another material are weak. The set we were given for test simply broke. The stitches proved to be more durable than the netting, which didn’t held up to abrasions. What needs to be stated is that these gloves were given no quarter. If they were used regularly they would hold up much longer.

These are not winter gloves, but they can be used for bicycle or rollerblades which counts (no use of having to keep multiple sets of gloves, each for a different sport).




Available colors: woodland, coyote, covert (black).


On first sight, M-Pact look like reinforced Originals. The gloves are made entirely out of spandex and , similarly to Original, of a light but durable material (in this case thicker). In the joint area and in between the fingers there is lycra. Structurally they are very similar to Impact Pro. The difference is material and design. The gloves in woodland pattern look very elegant. The second glance at these gloves shows important differences which are key to an airsoft player:


<ul> <li>

reinforced fingertips (the index finger is additionally lined with an antiskid panel)

</li> <li>

cushioning panels on the palm that protect to lower part of the hand, the thumb and the palm from hits and sharp object

</li> <li>

to the of the hand is protected by a double layer of spandex

</li> <li>

rubber inserts, similar to these found on Impact Pro, but in brown color

</li> <li>

velcro closure that covers the wrist, similar to the one on Impact Pro. Near the ending the gloves have a slit that makes putting them on easier, the puller is elastic so it will fit any type of hand.

</li> </ul>


M-pacts are Impact Pros where the netting was replaced with a double layer of spandex. Although it doesn’t make us bulletproof (you do feel getting hit) and the gloves protect us from hits. BB’s will surely leave a mark for a while. – in contrast to M-Pact 2 that have extra protective panels. The layout of the panels and their overall “stuffing” are different to the ones found on the Impact, and they are more flexible and provide better protection.

Except all that, both models are much similar. M-pact are equally comfortable but due to used materials (spandex) they have a tighter fit.

Of course, the looks are different. M-pact will surely attract the fans of woodland camouflage, coyote and desert since there isn’t that many gloves in these types of pattern.

Similarly to Impact, M-pact will do just fine on rollerblades, bicycle or even on a scooter or a motorcycle.




MRT M-Pact 2

MRT M-Pact 2 stand out even from other Mechanix’ gloves. An aggressive and attractive design, a care for detail and fashionable panels, red and yellow inserts – all of that attracts attention (luckily it’s small enough not to attract unwanted attention in the woods).



This model is the first from a more professional range of products. They are slightly more expensive than the other ones (by some 30%), but the materials used are also much better. Their design seems to have been given more thought. First of all these gloves are made of multiple cooperating elements instead of two or three covered with panels. Each fragment is made in a way and from a material that suits it’s purpose. The protective panels are interwoven with spandex and the sides of the fingers are made out of a elastic woven fabric. There are also thick rubber protective panels... but wait...


<ul> <li>

like in similar models (in some way it’s standard with Mechanix’ gloves) we have water resistant, antiskid reinforcements on finger tips,

</li> <li>

the sides on the phalanx bones and the top of the hand before the thumb are made out of a elastic, woven breathable fabric,

</li> <li>

the palm is made out of a durable, soft material finished with protective panels,

</li> <li>

the panels are better designed, they don’t hamper any movement but provide excellent protection,

</li> <li>

we also have a cushion on the bottom of the palm that protect the wrist (since that’s the spot we use for slowing down or use when we trip over, the same one we gashed many times when we were kids),

</li> <li>

a slit on the top of the wrist and an extension on its bottom that protects from trauma. At the same time it serves the same purpose as on Impact Pros and M-pacts – it makes putting the glove on easier. The advantage it has is that it doesn’t hamper our hands’ vertical movement.

</li> <li>

An additional slit covered with a flexible fabric with an elastic velcro closure,

</li> <li>

What catches attention – accordion-shaped, spandex covered, foam filled protective panels on the top of the hand.

</li> <li>

What is not seen – these gloves have some sort of an elastic lining.

</li> </ul>


In contrast to the other models the MRT’s construction is much more advanced. At the same time they are “armor plated” and provide an excellent protection from BB hits (the panels, the “accordion”, the cushion and the rubber inserts). Also, thanks to their design, they are very comfortable and don’t hamper any movements.

In these gloves, for 6 months, I played in the woods, in the buildings, I rode a bicycle, scooter and a motorcycle. I also went to gym with them. Briefly speaking, I tried to live with those gloves on.

As for airsoft usage I haven’t found a single flaw. There aren’t completely waterproof but I never got cold in them even when they were wet. There are some important characteristics that I discovered after a longer period of time:


<ul> <li>

the “Accordion” on the top of the hand provides 100% protection and almost doesn’t hamper any movement. In six months of using them I haven’t received any painful hits.

</li> <li>

After 6 months, these gloves don’t show any signs of use. Not a single seam has separated, there is no threads sticking out, the fabric hasn’t worn on in a single spot. After washing they look like they were brought straight from the store.

</li> <li>

Many times I have appreciated the advantages of the thick cushion. For example when standing and shooting by a broken window, you can get some serious cuts. Sometimes we don’t do it since it’s uncomfortable and dangerous. With these gloves there is no such problem.

</li> </ul>


To sum this up, these gloves are definitely the best model from the one we picked for testing. I also have an impression that Mechanix has a different approach to products from the consumer-end and the high-end of their product range. MRT is slighty on the high-end.

Ultimately they have only one flaw – their price. But in my opinion they are worth it.





Usually when deciding whether to buy something we are forced to answer two questions: is it worth spending that much money and whether we will get what we need.

In case of Mechanix, “is it worth it?” has a different meaning since their gloves are definitely not cheap. The difference between a decent model and a so-so Chinese model is fairly substantial. The latter ones you can get for as little as 15-20$

On the other hand, competing prices was never the goal of Mechanix’ designers. Their products are aimed for the professional market. The models I adopted for airsoft purposes are pretty much the cheapest models they have.

Keeping that in mind, you won’t be surprised by my personal conclusion – Mechanix are worth the money spent on them as long as we are willing to afford it. Personally I also believe that it’s better to invest in better gloves and M-Pacts (as lighter gloves) and especially MRTs (a heavier model) will surely meet our expectations. If purchasing a aesthetically made, quality product from a renowned manufacturer matter to us, we are definitely not going to consider cheap knock-offs from the far east. In case of the Originals these copies exist, in case of the MRT class gloves – they don’t.

On the other hand, in case of the cheaper models, the overbalance of aesthetics over usefulness is quite visible. I’m talking about the Originals and Impact Pros. These models are good for bicycle or even rollerblades but lack some Airsoft battlefield requirements. The case is different with Fast Fit – they are not designed for combat, but for sporadic use so their scope of applications is much wider.

My personal favorites are MRT M-Pact 2 and even you have to spend up to 50$, the satisfaction of having them and the comfort, versatility and durability fully compensate the money spent one them.


For our tests we received gloves from the Capri ASG store




Translated by Kamil Świerzbiński (Capri ASG)



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