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This year's new products in the 5.11 Tactical offer

This year's new products in the 5.11 Tactical offer

This year's new products in the 5.11 Tactical offer

RUSH24 2.0

One of the best-selling 5.11 Tactical backpacks, the RUSH24, has been refreshed to version 2.0. The backpack is made of durable 1000D waterproof nylon. Its maximum capacity is 37 liters, but it can be effectively adjusted with tightening straps (which can be especially appreciated when the size is important, e.g. in airlines). It is one of the most versatile backpacks in the manufacturer's offer.





RUSH24 2.0 has a stiffened internal laptop pocket, which provides additional space for electronics, because, as in the previous version, there is already a laptop or hydration pocket on the back.

The pocket for glasses has been enlarged, and the CCW pocket hidden behind the front panel has been designed for carrying weapons, and in practice anything else. There are also new colors availabe.

More at the manufacturer's website:



The Daily Deploy 48 backpack with a capacity of 39L is a completely new product. The shape of the backpack is simple, cubic. It has a dominant main compartment with internal mesh pockets placed on the flap panel, also made of mesh, for better organization of e.g. clothing in luggage.



What is the most important and distinguishes the Daily Deploy 48 from the already very extensive range of 5.11 Tactical backpacks is the way to access its content. The backpack has a clamshell opening system, but to the side, like a suitcase. The laptop pocket, located in the back part, opens also atypically, because only from the top and left side, which is only as much as needed to quickly insert or remove a laptop. This way of accessing the content will be especially appreciated by people who travel a lot by air or in other circumstances are subject to security control, and carry a larger amount of electronics with them (such as the WMASG editorial office). The dimensions of the backpack also correspond exactly to the average requirements of airlines for hand luggage.





Daily Deploy 48 Pack drew our attention as a potentially ideal backpack-hand luggage for an airplane, for carrying photographic equipment and other electronics. The photos also show new Ridge Pants and Norris Sneaker.


Additional, spacious pockets, but enclosed in the shape of the backpack, are at the top and on the right. The front and sides are covered with MOLLE tapes. Patch enthusiasts were not forgotten and for them the part of the MOLLE system, in the upper part of the flap, has a laser cutout in the Velcro panel. The backpack is also compatible with 5.11 Gear Set and RUSH Tier.

The carrying system is very similar to that of the RUSH series. The back is stiffened with an aluminum frame. It can be compressed with four straps.

Available colors: Black and Kangaroo

More at the manufacturer's website:



Another new product are the elastic Ridge Pants, reinforced in key points. We already have them and use them.




The pants are very comfortable and despite a slim fit cut, they do not restrict movement even on a "not fully fit" person.


At first glance, an inconspicuous pair of pants, and an extremely comfortable to use, with lots of hidden pockets (8 in total). Despite the slim fit cut, they do not limit the range of motion.



More at the manufacturer's website:



The offer also includes new colors of Norris Sneaker: Storm, Dark Coyote, Coyote




What distinguishes Norris from other sneakers on the market is the grippy Vibram® Marbrani sole with the XS Trek system. Norrisy are also ASTM-certified for puncture resistance and are made of a durable Welmax plate that protects the feet against punctures with a pressure of up to 1,200 Newtons!

More at the manufacturer's website:



New colors of the iconic TacTec vest. Although the design has been on the market for several years, it is still considered one of the most comfortable vests and is also appreciated by special forces soldiers. So much in fact that at one time it was an official vest dedicated to Crossfit training. We wrote about it in our review:


More at the manufacturer's website:



5.11 Tactical is also known for releasing collector's and limited edition patches. Also this time there are some new designs. One, however, seems special... certainly not only in our case;)

Full list of new products:


Finally, the recently published and spectacular 5.11 Tactical ad:

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