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Interesting chronograph from Austria

Interesting chronograph from Austria

Interesting chronograph from Austria

Nimrod Tactical is an Austrian brand that has not well known in Poland, but in Western Europe the number of stores offering their products is noticeable. NT gases are used by, among others, the airsoft celebrity Youtuber - Novritsch, but the offer also includes BBs, batteries, chargers and cases for replicas or weapons. Recently, however, an interesting chronograph appeared and we would like to write a few words about it.





The NTC01 chronograph is able to measure the parameters of a projectile up to 36 mm (1.414 in), traveling at speeds between 15 and 400 m/s and ROF (Rate of Fire) in the range of 120-3600 rpm. The device is equipped with an OLED display, where one can see the maximum, minimum and average recorded result of the projectile's speed and energy. Up to six ammunition parameters can be programmed and 99 test results will be saved in the device memory. The chronograph can be mounted optionally on the included tripod or any photographic tripod. Four AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries or a Micro USB cable are responsible for the power supply (unfortunately, it is not possible to charge this way). It also comes with software (downloadable from the product page), thanks to which one can conveniently manage the measurement results and, if necessary, update the firmware.





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