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A contest with AK SNOW WHITE NGRS TM
A contest with AK SNOW WHITE NGRS TM

A contest with AK SNOW WHITE NGRS TM

A contest with AK SNOW WHITE NGRS TM
A contest with AK SNOW WHITE NGRS TM

The first snow of this winter has not melted yet, and the newest replica by Tokyo Marui can be won. On December 10, the premiere of the AK White Storm NGRS replica by TM (which you can read about HERE) will take place, and the first art „AK White Storm Art Canvas Challenge” competition has already been announced.




As the replica is mostly white, some people took it as an artistic canvas and encouraged other to do the same. Luckily, one doesn't need to purchase the new replica to participate. It is enough to download a file with the AK White Storm silhouette, and then decorate it in a graphic program or traditionally on a printout as one wishes. The rules, which are expected to appear on December 9, have not been published yet. However, it was announced what prizes will be won. I do not think it will surprise anyone that there is a theme for each place, i.e. AK White Storm NGRS by TM and additionally

for the first place the MTR-16 GBBR




for the second place the Scorpion Mod. D AEG




for the third place the AM.45 GBB Pistol Black




The additional prizes themselves are interesting. The rules of the competition will also be announced soon. Both amateurs and professionals are encouraged to participate. So take airbrushes, brushes, tablets and other drawing tools in your hands and start working.



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