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ResGear is not just for the police
ResGear is not just for the police

ResGear is not just for the police

ResGear is not just for the police
ResGear is not just for the police

Since March 2021, a new brand called ResGear, consisting mostly of lightweight, low-profile equipment, has been available on a regular basis. The still developing brand was created thanks to the cooperation of two companies: Carpatia Arms from Leżajsk and ResGear. The PMF equipment line was created in cooperation with the service of the same name, associating uniformed services and guarding their good name, in line with the motto "Hold the line". This does not mean that the offered equipment will not work well in other forms of shooting activity, especially among low profile gear fans. ResGear is primarily made up of committed shooters. The offer already includes various elements of universal equipment, such as pouches, pockets and first aid kits. Here we will focus on a light plate carrier and a shooting belt.





The Defender vest is a very light, low-profile plate carrier, whose design focuses on the maximum reduction of the weight of the vest by sewing together individual modules, while avoiding, where possible, the build-up of the materials used. Thanks to this, as well as the base of the MOLLE system slots laser-cut in the laminate (the tapes have been completely done away with). Our model with a simple cummerbund from the set weighs only 365g. Other elements of ResGear equipment are made in a very similar way, which means that the equipment carrying and user protection system itself weighs only as much as it is necessary.


At the top of the front panel, at the chest height, there is a module with laser-cut MOLLE Velcro on the sides, on the sides of which there are also laser-cut slots in the laminate for mounting interchangeable flaps on Duraflex Siamese Slik Clip and, for example, PTT. The lower part is dominated by a Velcro panel for mounting the flap and for fastening the cummerbund, surrounding the centrally exposed ResGear logo burnt in laminate.




The back panel is made of one laminate element with a Velcro module also sewn in the upper part to maintain the possibility of attaching a patch. The entire back is covered with MOLLE slots. In the upper part there is a low-profile emergency handle, made of a double-stitched laminate, additionally reinforced with a bolt seam. Access to the cummerbund adjustment is provided by a small hatch with a width of four and a height of five MOLLE slots. A convenient solution, until someone decides to put a pocket there... On the other hand, the vest is usually configured once and that's usually enough.






When choosing the material for the inner part of the Defender, soft velor was chosen, increasing the wearing comfort and allowing the installation of the manufacturer's dedicated Air Pads. The front and back panels are connected with a laminate tape, lined with the female part of the Velcro tape. When someone deems it unnecessary to buy comfortpads, this solution affects the comfort of wearing the vest. It is worth noting that the basic version does not include any plate carrier quick release system. Due to the more frequent cases of the police having to use force during interventions, maybe it is better… Optionally, one can buy a quick-release cummerband.





The vest is available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL, depending on the size of the SAPI or E-SAPI plates. It is worth noting that the place spaces made precisely for a given plate and it must be remembered that there can be no mistake made. The plates go in tightly and a too large plate will simply not fit. The vest, however, has been designed to accept any plate that meets the above-mentioned standards.




ResGear also offers the second element of the basic equipment of a shooter (or an officer), the LPMB 2.0 belt. Like the vest, it is a low profile belt. Light and durable (the manufacturer declares a lifetime guarantee on all seams), it was made of a double-folded polyamide tape with a width of 45 mm to ensure adequate stiffness. In accordance with the standards already adopted for such belts, laser-cut slots of the MOLLE system extend along its entire length. The outer edge of the assembly system, i.e. the extreme "grommets", is made of a folded and additionally stitched laminate, thus creating a durable, durable structure. From the inside, a thin GRIPPER Velcro type was sewn onto the belt, which does not damage clothes.







The manufacturer gives the prospective buyer the option to choose a buckle for the main belt. One can choose from the AustriAlpin Nautic COBRA and COBRA PRO STYLE buckles, popular in this type of belts. Both are characterized by a breaking strength of 9kN (over 900kg), which makes them indestructible under normal conditions of use, even on duty.





The LPMB 2.0 belt can be worn in two ways. Glued 44mm Velcro inner belt in the trousers or with a comfort pad on the outer garment. Outside of summer time, most users will probably be interested in the second solution. The belts are available in sizes S, M, L and XL.


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The entire ResGear offer is sewn in Poland and so far is available in the Carpatia Arms store. Soon, customers will be able to choose in the basic range of tactical colors: Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Multicam and, of course, police navy blue and black. As the manufacturer assures, the offer is constantly being expanded. It is also worth noting that ten percent of the income from the sale of ResGear products from the PMF line is donated to charities related to uniformed services and their families.



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